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C Compilers & Assemblers > Cosmic C Compilers

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Cosmic C Cosmic C
Cosmic offer a fully featured embedded ANSI C compiler with a windows based IDE (Sun, Spark and UNIX versions are also available). Each one is optimised to the CPU architecture it is designed to target and includes in line assemblers as well as full IEEE floating point support. Their UK/EU technical support is particularly good.

both Compilers and debuggers are available for the following CPUs
68HC05, 68HC08/S08, 68HC11, 68HC12/12X/XGATE, 68HC16, 683xx, 56800/E, ST7/10/Super 10, C16x

Email details of your chip and requirement to

For more technical information.

ZAP Debugger ZAP Debugger
These debuggers are fully integrated with the compiler via the IDE. For the Freescale (Motorola) chips they operate with our range of PEmicro MON08 and BDM interface cables to debug code executing on the target processor. For the HC05, ST7, ST10 and 16x a simulator replaces the debugger. They provide breakpoints, single stepping, memory examination and setting.

For more technical information.

C Compilers & Assemblers > Cosmic C Compilers

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