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CAN & LIN Products > Lawicel CAN232 and CANUSB Interfaces

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CANUSB including USB cable CANUSB including USB cable
This is a very small dongle that plugs into any PC USB Port and gives instant CAN connectivity. It is treated by software as a standard COM: Port (serial RS232 port) which eliminates the need for any extra drivers and makes programming of simple CAN sequences very easy for the novice VB or C programmer. Installing a direct driver DLL allows faster communications and higher CAN bus loads.

With 11 or 29 bit ID's, up to 1Mbit/s CAN bit rate and USB 2.0 Full Speed it has a Philips 82C251 CAN Transceiver and a FIFO buffer for up to 32 incoming CAN messages. Power is supplied via USB.
Runs under Vista/Windows 7/8.1 all 32/64 Bit
Text, DLL or ActiveX interfaces and a Linux driver are available.

No termination is included in the interface.

A 1M cable between the CANUSB and a PC/laptop is included

For more technical information.

Price:    85.00 / 93.50 Excluding  VAT at 20%


CANUSB excluding cable CANUSB  excluding cable
As above but user supplies their own cable

The connections on the CANUSB box are
standard 9 way D pins CAN and standard USB-B female

The cable therefore required to connect to a PC is a USB-A male to USB-B male ( also known as a USB printer cable )

The cable length may be selected to suit customer demands, however for distances over 5M or in harsh industrial environments customers are working outside the USB standard and will need to investigate/test the units performance possible using active cables.

For more technical information.

Price:    82.00 / 90.20 Excluding  VAT at 20%


Both the CANUSB and CAN232 appear to the PC programmer as serial ports and are programmed by sending ASCII strings using standard codes ...

tiiildd...{CR} Transmit a standard (11bit) CAN frame where.

.......... iii is the message Identifier in hex (000-7FF)
.......... l is the Data length (0-8)
.......... dd the data byte values in hex (00-FF).

.......... So t1002AA33{CR} Sends an 11bit CAN frame with ID=0x100, and 2 bytes of data with the value 0xAA and 0x33

The CAN232 and CANUSB are almost completely program compatible.

CAN232 an RS232 serial interface to CAN CAN232 an RS232 serial interface to CAN
CAN232 supports both 11 bit ID and 29 bit ID CAN specifications.

CAN232 provides a simple character based interface between a RS232 port and the CAN standard. It may therefore be driven by a simple Delphi, VB6 routine that uses the COM port on a PC or by legacy hardware which has some intelligence and a RS232 interface. Simple data logging applications are supplied as source code.

DLL provided but only supported for W7 and later

No termination is included in the interface.

For more technical information.

Price:    70.00 / 77.00 Excluding  VAT at 20%


CAN & LIN Products > Lawicel CAN232 and CANUSB Interfaces

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