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ALL-11 A Universal Programmer

For a list of the devices supported by the ALL-11s, click here

  • The ALL-11 Universal ProgrammerA low cost unit fitted with a parallel interface the ALL-11A supports today's latest ICs. The All-11s do not stop at 84 or 100 pins. The All-11s support devices with 8 pins up to over 300 pins.

  • Windows 95/98/2K/XP user interface makes programming a breeze.

  • Compact and lightweight, features a built in power supply and fit easily into a brief case. A high speed CPU and our new surface mount pin drivers provide for complete accuracy and predictable performance in all PC environments.

  • Supported by one of the largest and most experienced universal programmer manufacturers worldwide. The All-11s are supported by a team of over 30 engineers. The same team that has had their algorithms and hardware tested and certified by leading IC manufacturers including AMD, Atmel, ICT, Macronix, Freescale, National Semiconductor, TI, Winbond, WSI, Xilinx and others.

  • Adapters and converters are available for surface mount devices in nearly every pin count (8 pins to over 300 pins) and every package including PLCC, QFP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PGA, SDIP, etc...

  • Free software updates by internet or BBS.

All-11 Programmer - Overview

The All-11 programs just about every type of device with a programmable memory or configuration including EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, PLD/CPLD/FPGA, microcontrollers, BPROM, Serial PROM, and much more. The All-11s can test DRAM SIP/SIMM modules with an optional adapter.

The All-11 includes a 40 pin DIP adapter.


A USB port connects the programmer to any desktop or laptop PC running  Windows 95/98/2K/XP. The software interface is a native Windows application.

The All-11s feature our new SMD SIMM module pin driver circuits which provides extremely accurate programming waveforms, operates at high speed with high reliability and has a compact form factor. The All-11s are powerful enough to perform demanding production tasks and compact enough to use for field engineering work.

All-11 supports over 12,000 ICs

The All-11s support an expansive array of EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, Serial PROM, BPROM, MPU/MCU/DSP, microcontrollers from Atmel, Dallas, Hitachi, Intel, Microchip, Mitsubishi, Freescale, NEC, Philips, TI, Toshiba, WSI, Zilog and others.

The All-11s support PAL, GAL, PEEL, EPLD, EPL, FPGA, CPLD from Altera, AMD, Atmel, Lattice, Lucent Technologies (AT & T), Freescale, TI, Xilinx, etc... The All-11s can perform functional vector tests on programmable logic devices as fast as 4ns.

Devices supported range from 8 pins to over 300 pins. Nearly all devices with 8-40 pins can be programmed directly by the All-11's 40 pin DIP socket. Adapters and converters are available to support nearly every type of IC package including PLCC, SOP, TSOP, QFP, TQFP, PGA, SOJ, and much more.

For a list of the devices supported by the ALL-11 , click here

All-11 are easy to operate

The All-11's  Windows interface makes programming simple. Choose a device manufacturer and device type from a menu. Read in a file from a master device or load a file from the PC. Press 'B' to check if the device is blank, press 'P' to program the device, or press 'A' to use the Auto function. The Auto function displays all available functions to perform on the device (i.e. blank check, program, verify, program security, protect sectors, etc...). Simply check off the operations you want to perform. After all desired functions are selected the programmer can be operated by a single external key on the programmer.

The All-11 can process all popular file formats including Intel HEX, Freescale S- records, binary, JEDEC fuse map (.JED), Altera POF, and others. A full screen editor is provided to view or edit any address of the programming buffer in binary, ASCII, or Logic Fuse Map formats.

All-11s are reliable

The All-11 is a seventh generation universal programmer product. The manufacturers have over 18 years experience designing universal programmers and an installed base of over 100,000 universal programmers. Close relations with all major IC manufacturers keep their engineers well informed of all the latest programming algorithm releases. Their algorithms have been tested and approved by leading IC manufacturers including AMD, Atmel, ICT, Macronix, Freescale, National Semiconductor, Temic, WSI and others. Over current protection circuits and reverse insertion detection protect your ICs and the All-11. A self diagnostic test is included to verify correct operation of the hardware and to meet calibration requirements. Every All-11 is backed by a 1 year hardware warranty.


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