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After supplying all your  Embedded Development Tool needs for 42 years
 Computer Solutions Ltd and its web shop are now closed.



 Having reached the grand old age of 75 it is time to relax and fulfil other ambitions.

 Its been an exciting ride with you, our customers, often on the bleeding edge of technology
 and I thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your orders.

Stay well        I wish you all success in your future projects.

Chris Stephens.



     But what to do with the web site ?  It has taken >12 man years of work to create a repository of knowledge on many aspects of the art and science of embedded microprocessor development and even after closing the shop it still gets over 4,000 visitors per month.  So as a service to my customers I have decide to keep it live providing my technical insights on the products and then redirecting viewers to sites where they can purchase the items they used to buy from us. Follow the link   "Home"

       The  "Information zone"  consists of articles produced as background tutorials on subjects of interest to those designing new products.  As different CPUs have became available this has lead to new development techniques and in particular to new ways of communicating between nodes.


Home Information Zone

USB Protocol Analysers



  New Products     Explorer 280  - USB 3  range of Analysers and Test Message Generators
DEX -  USB 2 compliance test suite


To receive literature on this top of the range protocol test system  fill in this request


Our range of USB Analysers and Signal Generators provide the most cost effective way to investigate what is happening on your USB bus.


If you are developing target hardware with USB interfaces,  developing the USB stack on the targets, developing the total application with code on the PC and the target or even on two targets using On-The-Go then what you need to be able to see is the transactions and packets that are transmitted over the bus.  But USB is a complex beast and its not possible to do this by just putting a scope or logic analyser on the signal lines -  what you need is an analyser that understand the details of the protocol and can present the data  to you in an immediately understandable way.   The Ellisys products do this and at such an amazingly low price that you can afford to give each engineer his own.


Explorer 200  -  Full USB 2 analysis at up to 480Mbits/sec  without breaking the bank

Explorer 260  -  Complete package for USB 2 Analysis and Signal Generation

DEX -  USB 2 compliance test suite

To receive literature on our range of cable USB analysers  fill in this request


Explorer 300  -  Analyses the latest Wireless USB and UWB standards over air      

                            To receive literature on wireless USB  fill in this request


Learn about USB with the Demo or visit our USB Tutorial

CMX USB device and host stacks simplify development of your embedded application

I like this little piece of hardware! 
Got my problem solved in a few hours after spending weeks of trying to find it without
 -  J.T. - The Netherlands



Explorer 200 Series family of High speed USB 2 protocol Analysers


The Ellisys Explorer 200 analysers require connection to an analysis PC via a USB2  connection and that analysis PC runs the user interface software as well as storing and displaying the USB transactions being measured.  The analyser is powered from the analysis USB link. 

The Explorer unit  then intercepts a USB link under test  without interfering with the signal.

The analysis PC then runs the USB Data Visualiser is a common user interface for the Explorer.  This user interface minimises clutter but allows detail down to the bit level to be displayed when required.


The Explorer provides USB bus analysis at a budget price.  Its user interface minimises clutter but allows detail down to the bit level to be displayed when required.


Able to monitor the fastest USB 2 signals at 480Mbits/sec the Explorer 200s are available as..................


200 BasicConnecting an analyser to a link under test

200 Standard


As for the Basic plus these additional features.....Explorer 200

200 Pro


As for the Standard plus these additional features.....


Explorer 260 High speed USB 2 Protocol Analyser


Able to monitor the fastest USB 2 signals at 480Mbits/sec the Explorer 260 provide all the features of the 200 Pro but in addition....


Explorer 260 High speed USB 2 Protocol Generator


The 260 Protocol Generator  uses the same hardware with a different Firmware load to create USB traffic in order to...


Explorer DEX Compliance Test Suite


The Ellisys USB Device Examiner (DEX) is a stand-alone USB device compliance test application that operates on the USB Explorer 260 hardware. DEX is provided with the Generator, or can be added as an option to the Analyzer. DEX provides a comprehensive set of robust compliance tests covering Chapter 9 of the USB Specification (Device Framework). Test results are pass/fail, annotated with descriptive detail, and are summarised in a convenient HTML-formatted summary report upon completion of testing. Each test can optionally be captured with an EX260 Analyzer, providing quick and in-depth analysis of test results. The summary report includes instant links to analyzer captures for each test. In addition to the Chapter 9 coverage for any USB device, DEX also provides class-specific testing of several device classes, including mass storage devices, HID devices, and hub class (Chapter 11). The mass storage device class test suite includes read and write bandwidth stress tests.


For the prices of Explorer 200s visit our Web Shop



USB Data Visualiser


The USB Data Visualiser is the user interface for the Explorer device.  To use one of the analysers the operator starts the data collection process and then when enough data has been collected the operator stops collection.  During collection the operator sees a count of the number of transactions, data volume and the average bus load. The Pro and 260 versions also include more detailed device specific Traffic analysis.  At any time during collection the user can insert comments so that when the data is reviewed it is easy to identify what operations/actions were taking place. Once the data has been collected it may be displayed and saved for later viewing. The Data Visualiser may be feely distributed to other interested parties so that engineers can view the files saved without needing to be connected to an analyser.

When examining data collected the Visualiser provides may useful features.  The user can :-

See below to get your copy including example bus transactions 



USB Class Interpreter


Higher level protocols have been defined for a number of common classes of device and by conforming to these protocols a product can operate within Windows using standard drivers.

The USB Class Interpreter included in the Explorer 200 Pro and 260 will recognise class based transactions and will decode and display all the standard fields within the messages associated with these standard Classes. This greatly simplifies the understanding of what is going on as, when required,  it hides the detail of the individual USB transactions (see individual classes for details and examples).






Mass Storage




Human Interface Device


Still Image




Bluetooth HCI


USB Wireless Adapter






Wireless Controller


Smart Card


Test & Measurement Supported

Media Transfer



Users can even create a DLL that will define their own custom protocols

Once data has been collected by an analyser with the Class Interpreter option enabled it may be displayed by any USB Data Visualiser so those just examining data do not need to purchase a separate license.

Real Time Trigger


Available as a firmware upgrade for the Explorer 200 (and included in the Explorer 200 Pro and 260) the hardware triggering can detect numerous conditions occurring on the USB bus, electrical conditions, errors conditions, different types of USB packets and their source/destination/data  as well as external triggering conditions. Powerful and flexible event counters are available. They can act on external or bus events as well as event sequences and the counters can be reset by an event occurrence.









Learn USB with the Ellisys USB Data Visualiser 


The Data Visualiser software can run without a unit present to allow users to share and review displays of captured data.  The software package on installation also includes a number of files with captures of interactions between a PC and standard devices.  It therefore makes an ideal teaching tool to show and help comprehend the details of the USB and Class protocols.

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