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CAN & LIN Products > Peak CAN PC and Express Interfaces

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PCAN-PC Interface PCAN-PC Interface
PCAN-PC interfaces support both 11 bit ID and 29 bit ID CAN specifications with a maximum speed of 1MBaud. No termination is included in the interface.

PCAN-PC interfaces are supplied with PCAN-VIEW a program that provides simple CAN diagnostics as well as DLLs and example source code for programs to control the CAN bus. These run onLinux/Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32/64Bit). For details of PCAN Explorer, an optional advanced CAN monitoring package, see the end of this page.

For more technical information.

PCAN-PC Card Interface - Dual Channel

Part Number: IPEH-002091

Price:    160.00 / €176.00 Excluding  VAT at 20%


PCAN-Express 34 One Channel optoisolated PCAN-Express 34 One Channel optoisolated
The PCAN-ExpressCard provides a connection between a CAN bus and a laptop or desktop PC with an ExpressCard slot.

Part Number: IPEH-003004

PCAN-Explorer V6
This CAN analyser and traffic monitoring program can both display and log all or selected messages in a range of convenient formats, including strip charts of their values. The user can set up unlimited numbers of test messages to be injected into the data stream and there is a sophisticated macro language for creating test or data collection applications.

This latest version supports CAN-FD and includes a playback to CAN capability.

Allows installation on a single PC running Win 7, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bits).
Requires one of the PEAK range of CAN interfaces.

For Explorer options see Explorer Options

Part Number: IPES-006000

For more technical information and screen shots.

Price:    495.00 / €544.50 Excluding  VAT at 20%


CAN & LIN Products > Peak CAN PC and Express Interfaces

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