DSO-8000 series
USB Oscilloscope
USB Spectrum Analyzer

DSO-8502 PC Oscilloscope


1Mpt data buffer

Advanced triggering


The DSO-8502 Oscilloscope operates at up to 500 MSa/s with a 1Mpt data buffer. Other features include a FFT Spectrum Analyzer, XY plot, Multi-channel triggering, Pulse width and count triggering, Pass/Fail testing and many measurements.


Advanced Triggering DSO

  • Level Trigger
  • Multi-channel Trigger
  • Pulse width Trigger
  • Pulse count Trigger
  • Trigger filter
  • TV Trigger
    The high-speed trigger circuit allows you to sample at full speed( up to 500MSa) while triggering on various TV sync signals including individual scan line.
  • Adjustable Trigger position

Level trigger (e.g. Trigger on rising edge at 1 volt)
Trigger on pulse width (e.g. Trigger on pulse less than 200ns)
Trigger on pulse count (e.g. Trigger on third pulse)
Width & Count (e.g. Trigger on second pulse less than 200ns)

TV Test

Deep Acquisition Memory


1 Million point buffer on 1 channel at a sample rate of 500MSa/S.
512K point buffer on 2 channels at sample rates of 250MSa/S and below.


128K point buffer on 2 channels at sample rates of 200MSa/S and below.

Much longer than standard Oscilloscopes and enables you to capture more waveform details without sacrificing overall recording time. Longer data buffers give you the flexibility to use faster sample rates and still capture for extended periods of time.

“The big buffer really saved me.  With my last oscilloscope I always had to balance recording time and time per division.  With Link’s scope I can record at the fast sampling rate and still see the entire event.”  Bob Mitchell, consultant. (beta tester)”

Channel History - Similar to Persistence mode, but much better.

The Oscilloscope software can automatically save and display up to 30 previous captures.  Each capture will be color coded with the oldest ones fading to white.


With one mouse click the software will analyze incoming data and setup the oscilloscope using advanced data analysis routines.

Spectrum Analyzer/FFT

  • The DSO also delivers high accuracy spectrum analysis.
  • Unlike swept spectrum analyzers which require a stable repetitive signal, the DSO-8000 can also analyze a single shot event.
  • FFT data can be saved to disk and exported to other programs such as Excel, Mathcad, etc...
Spectrum Analyzer (FFT) Software

XY Oscilloscope plot

  • User selectable data range
  • XY Area  (Lissajous curve)
  • Angle
  • Radius
  • Delta X
  • Delta Y


Oscilloscope Probes

Two 1x/10x switchable probes are included with the oscilloscope.

We also sell the following types of probes:

Waveform Measurements


  • Powerful cursors display voltage and time information
  • Advanced waveform measurements are included with the FrontPanelTM software
  • PASS/FAIL testing based on the results of those measurements is also available. Data can be logged to disk automatically on PASS or FAIL
  • Area
  • Cycles
  • Delay
  • Delta delay
  • Dutycycle
  • Fall time
  • Frequency
  • Maximum
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Minimum
  • Peak to peak
  • Period
  • Phase
  • Pulse width
  • Rise time
  • Rms voltage
  • Rms voltage (AC)
  • XY Area
  • XY Angle
  • XY Radius

Easy Installation

The PC Based oscilloscope connects to the USB port of your computer. To install the oscilloscope all you need to do is plug it into your PC, plug in the power supply and install the software.

The DSO is about the size of a video tape (7" x 3.75" x 1.5"). If you need portability what could be easier than connecting the DSO to your laptop?

Simple Operation

  • Installation is a snap.
  • Make measurements in your first half hour.
  • Simple controls make operation intuitive.
  • All functions from one simple software "panel".
  • Perform sophisticated operations that you couldn't even dream of doing with a knob based DSO.
  • Save default setups to disk for easy recall at a future date. You don't need to keep a notepad with settings scribbled in it. Just save them to the file name of your choice.
  • Data and settings are easily saved to disk - no extra software to buy - no communications upgrades.
  • Screen shots can be pasted into documents and annotated in your favourite image editing software.

Battery power or wall power

Wall power
Most people will power their DSO-8000 series Oscilloscopes with the included wall adapter.

Battery power
The case has a battery holder for 4 AA batteries (NiMH recommended).  Using AA batteries allows you to use the DSO away from a power source without draining your laptop's battery. 

Automatic Data Storage

To save time, you can automatically datalog your waveforms to your PC after each trigger. The data logger can also store only waveforms meeting specific parameter criteria, such as rise times between 20 and 30ns and pulse widths greater than 100ms, etc.... Data can be stored in our format or in industry standard format for exporting to other software.

The Windows Oscilloscope software takes advantage of your computer's large color screen.

You can display any combination of Digital Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer traces simultaneously.

Color can be a real time saver. Each display element can be a unique color. This includes each of the Data channels, Memories,  Cursors, Text, Background, Grid and more.

Stand-alone oscilloscope display screens represent a compromise at best. Few people would choose a 7" or 9" monitor as the screen for their PC. So why use a small monitor for an oscilloscope? Link PC Based instruments let you choose the display monitor size and type for viewing your data. Plus, you can utilize powerful PC-industry display peripherals such as projectors, remote monitors, and heads-up displays. Many people are now using dual monitor PC's - our software will work there also - Imagine having a 30" wide trace window.

You can take electronic snapshots of the screen and put them into your documents as well as print data to your standard windows printer.32K Oscilloscope buffer

"zoom-and-scroll" simplifies trouble shooting and analysis. The display shows the entire recorded waveform(s). In addition, the user can zoom (up to 50X) on signal details and scroll through long data records to identify and characterize problems. The locked all-channel zoom keeps all the analog waveforms synchronized.

The deep memory allows analysis of jitter from the beginning of the record to the end. By zooming/scrolling and then measuring with cursors, pulse widths and channel-to-channel timing can be compared at different sections of data streams. This feature allows identification of time varying problems such as "power-on" sequences and clock jitter.

The speed of your PC does not significantly affect the performance of our instruments

Although we rely on the PC to display the data and for the user interface. We don't rely on it for our high speed data acquisition. If your PC is fast enough and has enough memory to run windows well it will run our products well also. All of the high speed data acquisition is done in DSO.

The Instrument has high speed samplers and data buffers. It can acquire data at up to 500MSa/s*1 and stores the data in it's own 1 MegaSample*1 data buffer. When these buffers are full the data is transferred to the PC.

Software Libraries (optional)

The DSO-8000 series comes with FrontPanel TM for Win XP and Win 2K. We have done preliminary testing with Windows Vista beta versions and plan on supporting it when it is released.

But if you want to write your own software to drive the unit, our optional DLL or LabView drivers are available for purchase.





Max Sample Rate

500MSa/s on 1 channel
250MSa/s on 2 channels

200MSa/s on 2 channels





2 + External trigger

2 + External trigger

Gain Range (per division)
full scale = 10 divisions


Voltage per division

Full scale voltage


5mV to 5V per division

50mV to 50V


50mV to 50V per division

500mV to 500V


500mV to 500V per division

5V to 5000V


Voltage per division

Full scale voltage


10mV to 5V per division

100mV to 50V


100mV to 50V per division

1V to 500V


1V to 500V per division

10V to 5000V

Max Input Voltage
(at BNC connector)

max input voltage at probe tip depends on probe type (1x, 10x, 100x, etc.)



Transient (DC + AC <10KHz)


± 50V DC

± 150V DC

1X probe:

± 50V DC

± 150V DC

10X probe:

± 500V DC

± 1,500V DC

100X probe:

± 5,000V DC

± 15,000V DC

1000X probe:

± 50,000V DC

± 150,000V DC

Vertical Resolution

8 bits/channel

Vertical Range

10 divisions

External Trigger

TTL level (1.4V trigger) Max voltage: 5V

Offset Range

± 5 divisions


AC, DC, and Ground

Offset Resolution

0.04 division increments


1MΩ // 15pF

DC Accuracy

± 2%


Dual 8 bit


1x/10x switchable with standard BNC connector. Two probes are included.
100x probes are available as an option




500MSa/s... 5Sa/s
2ns/sample to 5s/sample
2ns/division to 20secons/division

200MSa/s... 5Sa/s
5ns/sample to 5s/sample
5ns/division to 20secons/division


+/- 0.01%




Channel Skew

< 1ns



Buffer Size

1 Million points/channel (1 channel mode)
512K points/channel (2 channel mode)

128K points/channel (2 channel mode)




Self calibrating


Calibration signal provided

DSO-8000 series


Rising Edge (Adjustable level),
Falling Edge (Adjustable level),
Pulse Width,
Pulse Count,
Pulse Width & Pulse Count

External Trigger In


External Trigger Out


Trigger On Rising Edge


Trigger On Falling Edge


Trigger On Pulse Count


Trigger On Pulse Width


Trigger On Pulse Width & Count


TV Horizontal Trigger


TV Vertical Trigger


Trigger Out



Auto, Normal, and Single




Rising or Falling



Range (vertical)

10 divisions


0.04 division increments


Windows XP/2K/Vista




XY Plot




Advanced Math


Pass/Fail Testing


Data Logging
(based on pass/fail test)


Data Logging
(on every capture)




DSO, probes, communications cable, power supply (USA), and software
(optional international power supply is also available)


USB 2.0


Two 1x/10x switchable probes are included.

BNC Connectors

4 total: 2 input, trigger in and trigger out

Calibration point


Power Requirement

5V at 750mA (Typical)
Wall power or battery power (NiMH recommended)


7" x 3.75" x 1.5"

*1 Max sample rates and buffer lengths vary depending on DSO model and mode.