I/O Analyzer


  Logic Analyzer
Pattern Generator
USB Logic Analyzer & Pattern Generator
The I/O Analyzer is a new type of test instrument.  Each pin can be used as both a Logic Analyzer and a Pattern Generator. What is truly special is that they can do this simultaneously.

The USB 2.0 Logic Analyzer / Pattern Generator comes complete with Windows FrontPanel software.

  • Logic Analyzer FrontPanelTM Software
    For Windows XP/2000
  • 32 Logic Analyzer channels
  • High Speed Operation
  • Deep Data Buffers
    Up to 2M samples per channel
  • 32 bit wide Triggering
  • Printer Support
    Print data on a Windows compatible printer
  • Data File Save/Export
    Save & export to Excel, Word, Mathcad, etc...
  • I2C Monitor Software
    Decodes I2C serial bus commands
  • I2C Generator Software and Hardware
    Decodes I2C serial bus commands
  • Continuously Variable Pre/Post Trigger Position
  • Variable Threshold Voltage
    Threshold range: -6.52V and +6.12V; threshold types including TTL, ECL, 3V logic, CMOS, and RS-232
  • Pulse Measurements
  • External Trigger Output
    To trigger other instruments (e.g. scope)
  • Up to 100MHz Data Bandwidth
  • External Clock Input
    200MHz max external clock - "State Mode"
    high speed clock inputs featuring user definable combinations for flexible clock qualifying
  • Pattern Generator Output
    With rates up to 200 Mpoints/s
  • USB 2.0
    USB 2.0 powered
    USB 2.0 (High speed) Communications


  3208A 3232A 3232B
Max Sampling Rate 200MSa 200MSa 400MSa
Logic Analyzer
32 32 32
Pattern Generator
8 32 32
Memory 256K/channel 256K/channel 1M/ch(32ch)
PC Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Power USB powered USB powered USB powered
Dimensions 4.2" x 3" x 0.65" 4.2" x 3" x 0.65" 4.2" x 3" x 0.65"
  Logic Analyzer FrontPanelTM Software

The easy to use Windows based software gives you full control of the Instrument. Parameters can be changed on the fly. Screen updates are fast due to the High Speed USB 2.0 interface and advanced display algorithms

  Timing Window  
  Timing Window  
  Channels are typically displayed as a waveform, but can also be displayed in HEX, Ascii, Binary or Decimal.
Buses (Groups of channels) are typically displayed in one of the numeric formats, but can also be viewed as a waveform.
The display can be zoomed in/out to show just a few samples or the entire buffer. This window also has 4 data cursors that can be used to measure time between events or as markers for places of particular interest.
Group of  channels displayed as a waveform

Group of channels displayed in HEX
  Statelist Window  
  Statelist Window Each column represents a Bus (Group of channels) and can be displayed (HEX, ASCII, binary, decimal or user defined mnemonics).  The Statelist and Timing windows share the same 4 cursors. They can be used to measure time between events or as markers for places of particular interest.  
  I2C Monitor Software      
  I2C Monitor
  • View I2C codes from a separate window.
  • Displays I2C commands. Start, Stop, Read, Write, Slave address, Address, Data, ACK and NACK.
  • Displays Timing of all activity on the Clock and Data lines showing you everything that happened, including valid I2C codes, glitches, timing errors and other non-I2C data. 
  • What makes this product so superior to other I2C Monitors is that you are also be able to see all activity on the Clock and Data lines in Timing and Statelist display.
  • The Pattern Generator can be used to output I2C commands to stimulate your circuit.


  Pulse Measurements        

Up to 8 measurements for each channel can be displayed at the same time.

Measurements include:
Pulse width (logical 0), Pulse width (logical 1), Minimum Pulse width (logical 0), Minimum Pulse width (logical 1),Maximum Pulse width (logical 0), Maximum Pulse width (logical 1),Frequency, Period, Duty cycle (rising), Duty cycle (falling) and Pulse count.

  USB 2.0 Communications and power

The IO-3200 series uses High Speed USB 2.0 for communications and for power.

  High Speed Operation (400MSa/200MSa)

Although theoretically you need to capture at only twice your data rate, in reality you need much more than that. The IO-3200 series can sample at up to 400MSa/sec for accurate and detailed data capture.
  Deep Data Buffers (up to 2M samples per channel)

Simply put, the deeper the buffer the better. Some of the advantages of a large buffer are:
  • Allows you to maintain higher sampling rates to get more detail without running out of buffer space.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the exact event that you want to trigger on. With our system you don't need to know exactly where to trigger since our large buffer will capture so many events.
  Pattern Generator

Each Pattern Generator channel is also a Logic Analyzer channel. They can switch back and forth between Input and Output mode during a single capture. This allows you to stimulate your circuit and record the results on a single pin.

The software has powerful data generation wizards that help you build Counters, Clocks, I2C Communication protocols, etc...

Not everyone needs a full function pattern generator, sometimes you want to output a short stream of data to a couple of pins.  The IO-3200 lets you output 1 sample on 1 channel, 1Msa on 32 channels and everything in between.

It's kind of like your own "mini bed of pins tester".

Flexible Input/Output selection
Channels can be used for both Pattern Generation and Logic Analysis
  Data buffer
Channel 0..7 PG LA PG LA
Channel 8..15 PG
Channel 16..23 LA PG LA
Channel 24..31 LA
The IO-3200 series comes with a 4 wire harnesses (enough for 32 channels), 11 clips, a USB cable and software CD.
Wire Harnesses      
One end of the wire harness plugs into the IO-3200 and the other has connectors for 8 channels and grounds. The wires can be connected directly to 0.025" posts on your test circuit or to our test clips.  
EZ-Hook clips      
The double gripper is designed for hard-to-make test connections of varying sizes and shapes. The narrow configuration allows stacking of the test connectors side-by-side for high-density IC packages and surface-mount components. Two 0.025" square pins permit connection to 0.025" square or .030" round push-on adapters or jumpers.

We include 11 clips with each IO-3200. A full set of 44 can be purchased as an accessory.


The optional Nano- clips allow you to connect to very small surface mount pins.
  File Save/Export

The data can be stored on your PC in a number of ways:
  • Files can be saved to disk for future viewing.
  • Data can be exported in "CSV" format to programs like Mathcad, Excel, Word, etc...
  • You can paste screen images into your reports using programs like Word, Excel, image editors, etc...
  • Data can even be shared with other computers. Our software will run without the instrument allowing you to view data captured at other locations. You can capture data in the lab and view it in your office or email it to other engineers at remote locations for analysis.


  IO-3232B IO-3232A IO-3208A
Logic Analyzer channels 32 32 32
Pattern Generator channels 32 32 8
Max sample rate 200MSa (32 channels)
400MSa (16 channels)
200MSa (32 channels) 200MSa (32 channels)
Memory size 32 channel mode:
16 channel mode:
32 channel mode:
32 channel mode:
Max External clock 200MHz
External clocks 2
Impedance 100KΩ || 20pF
Max input voltage -2V to +10V
Channel skew < 200pS
Bandwidth 200MHz (with < 30pF load)
Threshold voltage 0.00V to 2.99V
Pattern Generator output voltage 1.2V to 3.3V
Output enable delay < 10ns
Software compatibility Windows XP & Windows 2000
Hardware compatibility USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Dimensions 4.2" x 3" x 0.65"
Power requirements USB powered