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Logic Analyzer LA-2124 (Parallel Port)

Our latest series of logic analyzers offer all of the features and performance you have come to expect from much more expensive units: Very high speed clock rates, super deep data buffers, sophisticated triggering, high reliability and more. 


State-of-the-art Features:Logic Analyser LA-2124 (parallel port)

  • High-speed operation (up to 100 MHz)

  • 24 Channels

  • Deep data buffers: 128K samples per channel. Simply put, the deeper the buffer the better

  • Continuously variable pre/post trigger position. This combined with the large data buffer gives you the power to store up to 128K events surrounding the trigger point

  • Variable threshold voltage

  • Logic Analyzer front panel software is available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP

  • High Impedance probes that minimize interference with the circuit under test (100Kohm):

  • State list display,    Timing display   or    Mixed mode display

  • Search function

  • High data bandwidth up to 30 MHz

  • External high-speed clock input

  • Captures both state and timing simultaneously with one probe

  • High quality clips and wires included with Logic Analyzers

  • Timing Window: The data is displayed as a timing waveform. Each channel is displayed in it's own colour. Channel names, numeric value of data at each cursor and scrollbars are also in this view. The window can be zoomed in or out to show just a few samples or the entire buffer.
LA2124 - Timing Window
  • Statelist Window: Data is organized into groups of any number of bits and displayed in a numeric format (ASCII, binary, hexadecimal, decimal or user defined mnemonics). The data is organized into user-defined groups.
LA2124 - Statelist Window
  • File Save/Export: Data files can be saved for future viewing or sharing with other engineers. You can even export the data in "CSV" format to programs like MathCAD, excel, word, etc. Screen images can be pasted into windows compatible programs like word, excel, etc.

IC Monitor software (Optional)

  • View IC codes from a separate window within our Windows based control software.
  • Displays IC commands. Start, Stop, Read, Write, Slave address, Address, Data, Ack and Nack.
  • Since this is a Logic Analyzer you have plenty of other channels to monitor the rest of your circuit while still viewing the IC bus.
LA2124 - I2C



If  you need more channels ( up to 160 ) 
or faster capture ( up to 500 MHz )
 then look at our full spec Logic Analysers


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