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The HI-TIDE development environment

HI-TIDE (HI-TECH Integrated Development Environment) is a multi-platform development environment that provides tools for all aspects of embedded software development. HI-TIDE-3 provides a total development system complete with a project manager, an editor, a code wizard and is based on the Eclipse platform. HI-TIDE is available on Linux and Windows 2003 and up, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris platforms.


Project Manager

HI-TIDE's project manager provides a user friendly way to manage files associated with the project. The project manager also provides an intuitive interface for setting compiler options, removing the need to create complex command lines. When compiling, dependency checking reduces compilation time (especially in large projects) by only compiling files that are have been modified. Any errors that are reported when compiling can be quickly identified and located with the error log view.  Selecting an error or a warning in the error log will open the file that contains it and jump to the corresponding line number.

C Syntax Editor

HI-TIDE contains a flexible text editor that provides syntax highlighting, source code auto-indenting, and advanced text searching. In addition the editor can be used to perform program execution tracking and breakpoint management in C files. The editor is also able to detect if a files has been changed externally. This allows external text editors to be used (everyone has their own favourite editor) and the file displayed in HI-TIDE is kept up to date with changes.

HI-TIDE debugging interface

The HI-TIDE  debugging interface can be used to drive a number of chip specific debuggers such as Simulators, JTAG debuggers, ICEs and ICDs ( see individual compiler specs). HI-TIDE supports source-level debugging in C and assembly language. The debugging interface also facilitates program downloading, breakpoint management, full-speed and single-step execution and animating (multi-stepping). HI-TIDE also provides the ability to inspect registers, data and program memories, and watch source variables, while debugging. The enhanced Watch Window displays variables in an easy to navigate code tree with information on the variable. It handles recursive pointers, complex structures and enumerations in order to give a full picture of the source codes status.

HI-TIDE code wizard

 The HI-TIDE code wizard is  designed to simplify initialization of on-chip peripherals. The code wizard provides a graphical way to configure complex peripherals and other microcontroller settings therefore eliminating the common bugs related to incorrect configuration. As an output the wizard generates fully commented C language code needed to enable and configure peripherals, assign functions to I/O pins, and specify microcontroller operation.


For details of the features included with individual C compilers and of the other HI-TECH  compilers  follow this link


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