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iSYSTEM's Power Emulators

Interchangeable pods are available to support over 200 different microprocessors. The iSYSTEM 2000 uses the sophisticated FPGA technology to achieve high performance real time In Circuit Emulation and will work with iSYSTEMs older range of 8, 16 and 32 bit pods on cables.  The need to support faster and faster bus speeds has resulted in a new design of "Active" pods where the memory and control logic has to be more directly integrated with the CPU specific aspects.  These Active pods then link to the controlling PC via the iC3000s  USB-2 or Ethernet links.  The main operational functions of both units are the same except for the details shown below.

iSYSTEM 2000 8 & 16 bit ICE                          iSYSTEM 3000 with Active Pod
iSYSTEM  2000 iSYSTEM 3000 with Active Pod  
Supports 8 and 16 bit pods Supports Active pods and BDM/JTAG  


Hardware facilities

  • Just swap CPU specific components, no switches or jumpers - reconfiguration is done by software.
  • For 2000 - 256Kbyte emulation memory expandable to 16 Mbytes that for 8 bit micros fully supports bank switching (both Code & Data for 8051).    For 3000 - depends on CPU eg  4MBytes for ARM TMS470
  • Internal programmable clock 1 MHz to 100 MHz.
  • Supports memory as fast as 55nsec.
  • Memory mapping can be selected at a resolution down to two bytes.
  • Unlimited numbers of breakpoints on each location; break on execute/read/write; break on range or high level language condition; linked sequences of conditions; pass counters.
  • Background interrupts and DMA can run while the emulator has stopped the main programme.
  • Interface via Parallel, Serial or PC card.
  • 2000 - An 8 channel pattern generator is standard.
  • Shadow RAM option provides real time display without slowing CPU.

User Interface

For full details with screen shots see the winIDEA page

  • A multi window display operates under Windows 95/98/2K/NTXP.
  • It provides an integrated Edit / Compile / Make / Build / ICE environment.
  • Multi File coloured C source editor.
  • CPU Status and registers window.
  • Assembler and C source windows.
  • Data, Variable and Watch windows.
  • Set as many Breakpoints as you wish on read/write/execute of a single address or a range. Set source breakpoint with a mouse click in the edit window.
  • Any breakpoint can be conditional on a C expression and a pass count.
  • Complex sequences of conditions can be built.
  • Operates with all popular C compilers.

Trace option

  • A trace option is available that for the 2000 has a 32K Frame of 96 bit buffer holding 32 bits of address, 16 bits of data, 8 bits of status, a 23 bit time stamp and 16 external inputs.  The 3000 has a 512K Frame and the breakdown of its fields is CPU specific - it has a 10nsec time resolution
  • The trace buffers contents can be displayed in Hex, assembler or C source format. Traces can be any combination of bus cycles, assembler or limited to C source.
  • Triggering can take place on any required combination of three factors each of which can itself be an unlimited number of Address, Data, Status, Auxiliary conditions plus a loop counter.
  • Trace triggering can be set up, and data displayed independently of real time execution using multiple conditions and counts.
  • A filter option ensures only the required data need be held in the trace buffer maximising it's usable range.
    The trace option also provides performance analysis, code coverage and a Call Stack Window.
Follow this for details of winIDEA

winIDEA User Interface


  For information on the full iSYSTEM's range  
BDM/SDI/JTAG Emulators    8 bit Emulators

16 & 32 BIT PODS
68HC12 family
68HC812A0, 68HC812A4, 68HC912B32, 68HC912BC32, 68HC912BD32, 68HC912BE32, 68HC912D60(A/C/P), 68HC912DA128, 68HC912DG128(A/C/P), 68HC912DT128(A/C/P), 68HC912GA32

MC9S12A64/128/256, MC9S12B64/128/256, MC9S12C32/48/64, MC9S12C96/128, MC9S12E128/256, MC9S12D32/64/128(B), MC9S12DG128/256(B), MC9S12DJ64/128/256(B), MC912SDP128/256(B), MC9S12DP512, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12DT128/256(B), MC9S12GC16/32/64/128, MC9S12H128, MC9S12H256, MC9S12HZ128, MC9S12HZ256, MC9S12KG128, MC9S12KT256, MC9S12Q32/48/64, MC9S12Q96/128, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12DQ256, MC9S12DT128/256(B), MC9S12E32/64/128/256, MC9S12GC16/32/64/128, MC9S12H128/256, MC9S12HZ128/256, MC9S12KG128, MC9S12KT256, MC9S12NE64, MC9S12Q8/96/64/48/32, MC9S12T64, MC9S12XA128/256/512, MC9S12XB128/256, MC9S12XD128/256, MC9S12XDG128, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12XDQ256, MC9S12XDT256/384/512, MC9S12XEG128, MC9S12XEP100/768, MC9S12XEQ512/384, MC9S12XET256,, MC9S12XF128/256/384/512, MC9S12XFR128, MC9S12XHZ512, MC9S12XS64/128/256
80C18x family
80C186, 80C188, 80C186EA, 80C188EA, 80C186EB, 80C188EB, 80C186EC, 80C188EC, 80C186XL, 80C188XL, Am186EM(LV), Am188EM(LV), Am186EM(LV), Am188EM(LV), Am186ER(LV), Am186ES(LV), Am188ES(LV)
80C251 family
80C251SA/B/P/Q, 80C251TA/B/P/Q, 8x930A/AA/AB, 8x930AD/AE, 8x930HD/HE, TSC80251G1, TSC80251G2D
80C196 family
8xC194, 8xC196KB, 8xC196KC, 8xC196KD, 8xC198
Nat Semi
CR16MAR5VJEx, CR16MAS9VJEx, CR16MAS5VJEx, CR16MBR5VJEx, CR16MCS5VJEx, CR16MCS9VJEx, CR16MCT9VJE7, CR16MCT9VLJ7, CR16MES544Vx, CR16MES944Vx, CR16MFS544Vx, CR16MFS944Vx, CR16MHS5VJEx, CR16MHS9VJEx, CR16MNS544Vx, CR16MNS944Vx, CR16MPS544Vx, CR16MUS544Vx, CR16MUS944Vx, CP3BT10-G39, CP3BT10-K39, CP3BT13-G37, CP3BT13-G39, 48-pin CSP
NEC V850
uPD703157, uPD703223, uPD703224, uPD703239, uPD70F3157, uPD70F3178, uPD70F3224, uPD70F3234/35/36, uPD70F3260/61/62/63, uPD70F3264/65/66, uPD70F3270/71/72/73, uPD70F3274/75/76, uPD70F3280/81/82/83, uPD70F3284/85/86/87/88, uPD70F337x, uPD70F3380/1-5,uPD70F3433, V850ES/SG2, V850ES/SJ2
TMS470P111, TMS470PLF312PGF, TMS470R1VC334, TMS470R1VC336, TMS470R1VC338, TMS470R1VC346, TMS470R1VC348, TMS470R1VF48CPGE, TMS470PVF241APN, TMS470PVF242APZ, TMS470R1VF334, TMS470R1VF336, TMS470R1VF338, TMS470R1VF346, TMS470R1VF348, TMS470R1F4B8PZ, TMS470R1VF448(PZ), TMS470R1VF688, TMS470R1VF689, BCSG/DV3
Micronas C816
CDC1605F-Ex, CDC1607F-Ex, CDC1631F-Ex, CEVF_0201, CEVF_3101/3301, CEVF_3501, VCT3801, VCT3802, VCT3803, VCT3804, VCT3830, VCT3831, VCT3832, VCT3833, VCT3834
68K family
68302, 68LC302, MC68000, MC68001(16-bit), MC68(S)EC000, MC68HC000
683xx (CPU32) family
68331, 68332, 68336, 68376

And the 2000 will also support these 8 bit pods

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