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CAN & LIN Products
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CAN & LIN Products

Our range of Peak CAN CAN FD and LIN Interfaces and their supporting software can be used to connect a PC to a CAN or LIN network either to allow the PC to interact with the network or to act as a test and diagnostic station for the network. Interfaces are available for USB, PC (PCMCIA), Parallel Ports, many variants of PCI and PC/104 boards as well as Gateways to Ethernet and Wireless standards.

A number of CAN based industrial I/O modules are available some of which are cofigurable to report values with simple Windows based applications software and some have micros that can be programmed to suite more detailed requirements. The MicroModule is a small 32mm by 36mm board that can easily be configured to interface digital and analogue I/O to the CAN bus.

Routers, Extenders, Cables, terminators, optoisolation and adapters to a range of different CAN standards are available.

Software is available to suite most operating systems and programing languages as well as conforming to the J1939, FMS and CANopen standards.
Peak USB to CAN and CAN FD InterfacesPeak USB to CAN and CAN FD Interfaces
Peak PCI, Express, miniPCI and cPCI Interfaces Peak PCI, Express, miniPCI and cPCI Interfaces
Peak PC/104, 104+ and 104-Express InterfacesPeak PC/104, 104+ and 104-Express Interfaces
Peak CAN PC and Express InterfacesPeak CAN PC and Express Interfaces
Peak CAN Parallel portPeak CAN Parallel port
CAN Diagnostics, Routers, Gateways, Repeaters & Opto Link CAN Diagnostics, Routers, Gateways, Repeaters & Opto Link
CAN I/O ModulesCAN I/O Modules
Peak Intelligent CAN controllers & Dataloggers Peak Intelligent CAN controllers & Dataloggers
Peak LIN InterfacesPeak LIN Interfaces
Advanced Software for CANAdvanced Software for CAN
CAN Cables, Isolation and ConvertersCAN Cables, Isolation and Converters

Lawicel CAN232 and CANUSB interfaces with simple COM: Windows interface
Lawicel CAN232 and CANUSB InterfacesLawicel CAN232 and CANUSB Interfaces

CAN & LIN Products

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