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CAN & LIN Products
Programming Flash memory and Debugging CPUs using BDM/JTAG Tools
C Compilers & Assemblers
USB Protocol Analysers
ROM Emulators
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Welcome to COMSOL's Embedded Development Tools Web Shop
Most of the products we sell are held in stock for next day despatch. If you do not see what you are looking for here, or need more technical details, please refer to our main technical website or contact us directly by email or phone +44(0)1932 829460

----   Shop Contents   ------- Shop Contents ---
CAN & LIN ProductsCAN & LIN Products
A wide range of CAN to PC interfaces, applications software, cable adapters, routers and intelligent data collection modules covering the various CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, J1939, FMS and LIN standards.
Programming Flash memory and Debugging CPUs using BDM/JTAG ToolsProgramming Flash memory and Debugging CPUs using BDM/JTAG Tools
These interfaces greatly simplify Programming and Debugging chips that use BDM/JTAG type on chip interfaces. We have a range of products available from low cost "dongles" to high performance Ethernet interfaces along with a range of supporting software. These can be used for everything between hobby developers and high throughput automated production lines.

Chips supported include ARM 7/8/9 & most CortexM0-M4 such as Kinetis, STMicroelectronics 8, 32 and SPC56, TI Stellaris, NXP as well as many Renesas and Hitachi chip Families.
All the NXP/Freescale chip families from HC(S)08, HC(S)12(X,Z), ColdFire, all PPC inc QorlQ, Qorivva, Nexus, and also some older chips such as 68K, CPU32, HC16 and M-CORE are supported as are XScale and MIPS32/64.
C Compilers & AssemblersC Compilers & Assemblers
We can supply C Compilers and Assemblers to allow you to program most CPUs. By offering products from a range of manufacturers we can satisfy your needs for different development environments and meet your budget constraints.
USB Protocol AnalysersUSB Protocol Analysers
If you are developing USB hardware or applications software you need a bus analyser to see what messages and data has been passed over the bus. Their latest model the Explorer 200 will cover USB speeds of up to 480Mbits/sec with powerful triggering. This unit can be fitted with an option to fully decode USB Classes.
ROM EmulatorsROM Emulators
These are the lowest cost way of improving programmer productivity. Fast downloading of binaries into the emulator allows a programs binary to be loaded and tested in seconds rather than turning of the board, levering out an EPROM, waiting for it to be erased and written. EPROMs conform to a common standard over a wide range of sizes and this, as well as CPU independence, makes the ROM Emulator the only truly universal development tool.

We have 8, 16 and 32 bit emulators varying in size from 64 KBytes to 16 MBytes.
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