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After supplying all your  Embedded Development Tool needs for 42 years
 Computer Solutions Ltd and its web shop are now closed.



 Having reached the grand old age of 75 it is time to relax and fulfil other ambitions.

 Its been an exciting ride with you, our customers, often on the bleeding edge of technology
 and I thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your orders.

Stay well        I wish you all success in your future projects.

Chris Stephens.



     But what to do with the web site ?  It has taken >12 man years of work to create a repository of knowledge on many aspects of the art and science of embedded microprocessor development and even after closing the shop it still gets over 4,000 visitors per month.  So as a service to my customers I have decide to keep it live providing my technical insights on the products and then redirecting viewers to sites where they can purchase the items they used to buy from us. Follow the link   "Home"

       The  "Information zone"  consists of articles produced as background tutorials on subjects of interest to those designing new products.  As different CPUs have became available this has lead to new development techniques and in particular to new ways of communicating between nodes.


Home Information Zone

Cyclone Range of Debuggers and Flash programmers

 Which Cyclone
 to buy ?

Debug and Program

ARM Cortex




NXP/Freescale   HC Families PPC STMicro Renesas Hitachi


08 S08 12S,X Coldfire 5xx/8xx Qorivva/S32 STM32 SPC5x STM8   RC8 RL78  M16C M32C H8 H8S/Tiny
Cyclone Universal FX            


Cyclone Universal LC            


Cyclone Arm FX    









Cyclone Arm    









  Program only
Cyclone Universal LC











ARM Cortex M4 currently supports the following families:  ATMEL SAMxxx, STM32, NXP M0,M3,M4, NXP/Freescale Kinetis (all), S32, LPC, i.MX TI-Stellaris LM3S,LM4,TM4C12xx, Infineon XMC4xxx, Maxim 716xx, Silicon Labs EFM32, ERF32, SiM3, Cypress PSoC®4, PSoC®5, PSoC®6, Toshiba TX00,TX03,TX04  On-Bright OB90R,  Nordic semi nRF51, nRF52,  Silergy MAX716xx. For latest list of chips see .  as well as a wide range of on and off chip SPI and off chip flash memories.

Why Pay extra for the FX version ?........the most important reason is that for those chips marked with a star the download speed is 3 - 5 times faster.

But see below for the full details of the Cyclone FX's enhancements.


Cyclone the professional Microprocessor Programming tool

 Holds multiple Program images

The Cyclones share this common set of features

  • Connects to PC via Ethernet, USB or serial port

  • Interactive Windows driven Flash Programming or remote controlled programming

  • Or as a standalone programmer

  • MBytes of memory (see spec sheets) available for storing multiple downloads and algorithms

  • Automatic frequency detection of target

  • Works with 1.8V-5V targets

  • Includes software for flash programming each supported CPU family and for programming external Flash devices

  • Cyclone Universal LC and FX as well as ARM and ARM FX can also be used for program development


Cyclone max screen shot


Cyclone UniversalCyclone Universal LC is our latest product and this one purchase supports all the CPUs shown in the table above



Cyclone for ARM CortexCyclone for ARM® Cortex supports  --- All these ARM families:-


  ATMEL SAMxxx, STM32, NXP M0,M3,M4, NXP/Freescale Kinetis (all), S32, TI-Stellaris LM3S,LM4,TM4C12xx, Infineon XMC4xxx, Maxim 716xx, Silicon Labs EFM32,SiM3, Cypress PSoC®4, Toshiba TX00,TX03,TX04 For latest list of chips see and also as a wide range of on and off chip SPI and off chip flash memories.


Cyclone Universal LC supports  ---  STM32, STM8, SPC5x


Cyclone Universal FX supports Renesas   ---  M32C, M16C, M16C/80, H8, H8S/Tiny, R8C, RL78, RX600




   Cyclone Universal and Cyclone ARM


Cyclone Universal Flash programing tool






And now with faster links to both the PC and the target the Cyclone Universal FX and Cyclone ARM FX  can speed up the production line and add extra security to your programming process. ......... For more details of this product  Cyclone Universal FX



CPU Support and features are as for the Cyclone Universal with the following enhancements :-

  • USB 2.0 link now supports "High-speed" protocol (up to 480Mb/sec link to the PC).

  • 1 Gbyte internal memory, no practical limit to # of images held.

  • SDHC Port for even more space.

  • For most recent CPUs ( e.g. Cortex M0-4, Qorivva, HC16/683xx, Coldfire  and MPC5xx/8xx ) a variant of the communication link to the target is provided that increases the download speed to a max of 25Mb/sec giving up to 5 x faster download of data.

  • Additional security features include ensuring that if you outsource your production no one can "run off a few units" without you knowing.

Cyclone Universal Flash programing tool

The Cyclones can be used in 4 different modes:


A Software Development Kit is available that allows multiple Cyclones to be driven by a single CPU for economical operation in large production environments.


For prices of all these PEmicro products visit eVision Systems Web Shop


Cyclone Options

All the  Cyclones can be upgraded with the Automated Control package

Automated Control Package
These Windows packages include a command line driven application Cyclone Launch and a set of DLLs providing a range of features of value when using the Cyclone in production situations :-
Basic Edition -----  Free Download ----  Controls  a single Cyclone from a PC via USB or Ethernet allowing one Programming Image to be held on the Cyclone which does not have to be downloaded every time so increasing performance.
Professional Edition -----  Controls  up to 3 Cyclones from a PC via USB or Ethernet, allowing up to 8 Programming Images, which do not have to be downloaded every time, to be changed on the fly and dynamic data such as serial numbers to manipulated from the PC. Supported devices can be programmed in parallel, even if they are different devices with different data.
Enterprise Edition
-----  As for the Pro version but unlimited numbers of Cyclones may be controlled from a single PC, More than 8 images can exist on the Cyclones and Licences for 5 end user PCs are included.  Also provided is a full description of the RS232 and Ethernet command Protocols so that non Windows users can implement similar functionality.

Additional Flash Memory
The Universal and ARM units have an SDHC memory port and this allows added storage capacity and flexibility.


For more Information:

An overview of PEmicro products Summary of PEmicro tools Arm, NXP, Freescale, Renesas, TI and STM


Home Information Zone
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