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BDI3000Abatron's BDM interfaces with the Access option consist of a 3000 BDM unit plus a library of C calls executable on a PC which control the BDM/JTAG for users who wish to write their own test or loading procedures.  The API is extensive, including accessing memory and CPU registers.  Algorithms are supplied for programming on chip flash, EEPROM and most external flash parts as well.

The BDI3000 can communicate with the target CPU at 1.5MBytes/sec

By controlling the target CPU via the SW-DP/JTAG/BDM it is possible to read and write to registers and hence to control I/O.  This allows a full system test to be developed including hardware calibration if required and serialisation values to be written into the flash or EEPROM as well as loading bootstrap or application code..


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To obtain a copy of the API  click on this link 

To see the flash devices supported click on this link  


CPUs supported...........

ARM7/8/9TDI, ARM11, XScale,

Cortex A5/7/8/9 & M0/3/4, 

ColdFire,  MIPS32/64, XLS/XLR, PA6T 

PPC4xx/51xx/52xx/55xx/6xx/7xx/74xx/82xx/83xx/85xx/P10xx/P20xx, 8641(D),

QorlQ P2040 P3/P4/P5/T4 P4080

MPC5xx/8xx,  MPC7450/7455, MPC5200, Xilinx Virtex-II Pro


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Using the GCC compiler ? then it will run with the GNU Debugger

Just want to program on chip or external Flash ?


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