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Assemblers & Compilers

Cross assembly or compilation using a PC to create the code for your chosen microprocessor is the most common way of developing embedded code. We offer tools from a number of suppliers depending on the processor to be supported and the host environment (DOS, Windows, UNIX).


Now owned by ARM Keil's excellent C compiler and integrated Development Environment is now the most popular development tool for the full range of ARM chips from the single chip Cortex to the latest ARM 7/8/9/11 models.  They also remain market leader in the 8051 field and support Intel 251 and Infineon/Siemens 166 families as well.

GNU open source GCC compilers and debuggers 

Popular for many high end chips such as ColdFire, PPC, ARM, H8S and MIPS these compilers are freely available from the web.  We have packages that include precompiled Windows based GCC compilers that will get you developing with GCC right out of the box.  We can also supply tools that will provide the necessary hardware interface between the debugger GDB and target boards.  


Support NXP/Freescale's 8, 16 and 32 bit micros with Flash Programmers using BDM cables but also with Macro Assemblers, debugging systems and stand alone programmers for many of the devices. For ColdFire and PPC they have Windows based GCC packages and support for their debugger.

Please call us for full technical literature or a detailed discussion on any of these products.


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