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Boards and Packages

Some of our suppliers produce Evaluation boards and these include or are available as a complete development package including debugger and compiler so that you can get started "out of the box".  In addition they usually include both initialisation code and examples of how to program the demonstration I/O on the board so you can take this code and use it as a start point for your own application.  In many cases these boards may be used to develop applications for other similar chips,  where known they have been included but the chips available change so quickly you should use your own judgement as to which will best suite your needs.

+ means you need to add these components from the suppliers range to get a full development product

Inc means they are included with the board

- indicates a size limit see the link for more details

Two common abbreviations are EVB - Evaluation Board  and SBC - Single Board Computer (may be integrated into your product and will normally expose some or all of the Micros bus lines so that you can interface your own hardware to it).


Manufacturer Chip Family Board Develop for Includes or Add
Keil NXP (Philips) ARM7 MCB2103 LPC2103  
MCB2100 LPC2129  
MCB2130 LPC2138  
MCB2140 LPC2348  
MCB2368 LPC2368  
MCB2378 LPC2378  
MCB2387 LPC2387  
MCB2388 LPC2388  
MCB2468 LPC2468  
MCB2478 LPC2478
NXP (Philips) ARM9 MCB2919 LPC2919  
ST Micro ARM Cortex MCBSM32 STM32F103RB  
P & E NXP/Freescale
ColdFire MCF5213 inc BDM
inc GCC -64K
inc Debug S/W


There are also boards that be used to develop CAN applications such as the PCAN MicroMod .

Call/Contact for details of manufacturers EVB's that support MicroNet our 8,16 and 32 bit TCP/IP stack.


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