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CMX Options

CMX Tracker

CMXTracker™ provides the user with the ability to display, in real-time, the task's execution flow. It shows when each task is executing, the CMX functions called, their parameters, interrupts using CMX functions and the system TICKs within the CMX-RTX real-time operating system. All, while the user's application code is running.

CMX Tracker


CMXTracker allows the user to track the execution of tasks including showing which CMX functions were called with their parameters and results returned. For example it will show the message sent or received, event bits set, timed out, etc. The CMX system TICK provides a time stamp.


This subset of the full CMX package has been optimised to use the minimum amount of RAM space so that it will operate with single chip microprocessors having only on-chip RAM. ROM usage is also kept small. Pre-emptive scheduling or co-operative scheduling is available although not time slicing. The interrupt pipe facility is not provided but interrupts can set task events.

CMX TINY+ Prices

Cortex M3-4,  PIC 24, dsPIC,  HC08, 78K0, ST7, MSP430, TLCS-900, H8S, H8/300, H8/300H, 78KOS, AVR, ST10, 166, XE8000 (CoolRISC 816),   EZ8, MAXQ Flexis QE128 ( HCS08 or ColdFire) £1880
ARM 7 / 9 £2495
V850, Flexis QE128 ( HCS08 and ColdFire)  £2825

based on $1.6/


TCP/IP stack and applications

CPU specific support and optimisation for these high level protocol packages is available for the following CPU's   x86 Real,  386 Protected,  PPC, ARM, ColdFire, H8/300H,  H8S/2000,  M16C,  M32C, 68K, CPU32, ColdFire, 8051-XA, ST7, ST10, Super10,  16x, C166S V2, TLCS-900.   A small subset of CMX-RTX is included with the stack or it can be made to operate under CMX-RTX or any other user supplied RTOS.

The following Protocols are available.......   FTP,  TFTP,  TELNET C/S,  WEB C/S,  SNMPV2 / V1,  DHCP C/S,  SMTP,  POP3,  PPP,  PPPoE,  IMAP,  SMB and NAT  -  a Flash File system is also available.


The CMX-MicroNet stack is available for most low end and single chip micros including 8051, ARM, Cortex, ColdFire, AVR, Z80/180, Z8 Encore, eZ80, PIC 18/24, dsPIC, 78K0 & KOS, MSP430, TLCS-900, Cyan eCOG1, M16C, M32C, H8S/2000, H8/300H, C16x, C166S V2, 51-XA, V850, ST7, ST10, Super10. It is also suitable for use with DSP chips.

For more Information:

For more information on CMX List of function calls, Task Scheduling, Interrupt handling, Debug aids.
For CMX prices  and CPU availability.
For CMX MicroNet The TCP/IP stack that is optimised to run on 8/16/32 bit embedded micros.
For CMX TCP/IP The fuller TCP/IP stack that requires a 32 bit embedded micros and provides improved performance but needs larger RAM .
For CMX USB Stacks Embedded Device Stacks or drivers that  support USB for8/16/32 bit micros.
For CMX File systems Embedded Device FAT 16 and 32 memory management systems

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