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COSMIC C Compilers

Cosmic produce C compilers and Windows based simulators and debuggers for a wide range of CPUs.  They run under Windows and on a range of other hosts.  Cosmic specialise in NXP/Freescale devices with compilers for Kinetis, C05, HC08/S08, HC11, HC12/S12(X), XGATE, HC16 as well as 56800 series, 68K & CPU32. Also supported are the ST7, ST10/Super10 and C16x/XC16x.  Their debuggers will control a number of ICE and BDM modules (such as the PEmicro range) allowing the same user interface to be retained throughout the development cycle.


C Compilers

Cosmic compilers follow ANSI and ISO rules and conventions. Syntax extensions allow the programmer to efficiently use all processor specific features directly in C (interrupts, zero page, peripherals, EEPROM, paged memory...).

  • Most Cosmic Compilers are fully re-entrant and recursive using standard ANSI stack frame conventions.
  • Cosmic Compilers come with source code for all libraries provided.
  • Interrupts can be managed entirely in C. The compiler takes care to save and restore the necessary registers.
  • The compilers support three convenient methods for adding assembly code inside a C program including an argument passing mechanism.
  • The Macro assembler supports C #defines and #includes so that C and assembly language modules may share common constants and macros.
  • The compiler options create relocatable and/or absolute C interspersed with the corresponding Assembly listings.
  • Cosmic compilers are available to operate on PCs running Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP and UNIX systems running PC-Linux, SUN Solaris and HP-UX.
  • The Cosmic relocatable and absolute object formats are host independent. This allows user's on PC Windows, Linux, SUN and HP to share objects for linking and debugging.
  • The Linker organises the code in memory, takes care of initializing global variables and can generate automated checksums for most targets.
  • Utilities include a Librarian, hex file generator, object format converters, debugging support utilities and multi-pass compiler command driver.


A unifying debug environment - IDEA

All Cosmic C Cross Compilers for Windows include IDEA - Cosmic's own integrated development environment. IDEA is designed specifically for developing embedded applications and includes an editor, project manager, graphical smart build/make facility, program analyzer, link file generator, documentation manager and ZAP debugger all in one easy to use environment running under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP.

IDEA  includes the following features:

  • Windows 32 bit MS style editor with syntax highlights for both C and assembly source.
  • Convenient Project window provides easy access to the most frequently used functions such as make, build, touch, mark, compile, link and debug. The project manager also supports Drag and Drop so you can select and drag files from a Windows Explorer to the project manager for easy setup.
  • Intuitive Explorer style source file display - shows compiler options, include file dependencies, file build status, time and date of last edit, function prototypes, command line defines, global and static variables and documentation.
  • Flexible Link builder offers point and click configuration of memory map.
  • Configures the Compiler and Linker to build only files that need to be rebuilt and run various compiler or user defined utilities automatically. No need for makefiles.
  • IDEA provides an intuitive graphical setup for compiler and assembler options.
  • IDEA allows compiler and assembler options to be set at both project and file level.
  • When a compiler error is found in a file just double clicking  on the error brings up an editor window on that file, at the line with the error.
  • Searches can take place in the project files or other group of files or directories.
  • It is possible to attach any documents or notes to your project or to individual source files.


The ZAP Debugger

A full featured C and Assembly language source-level debugger for embedded applications, ZAP's intuitive graphical interface is the same for all targets and execution environments.

ZAP typical features include:

  • For the NXP/Freescale CPUs  Kinetis, HC08, S08, 12, S12, S12X and XGATE the Debugger uses our range of PEmicro BDM cables or the Cyclone Universal debug interfaces for rapid USB and Ethernet based interaction with the target hardware,  For the other CPUs  a small monitor program provides the target end support via a serial port.
  • Browse and set breakpoints in any source windows.
  • Easy access to any C object including Enums, Bit Fields, Structs, Floats, Strings etc.
  • Debugging of mixed C and assembly applications at the C or Assembly source level including coordinated source and disassembly displays.
  • ZAP does not modify or augment the user code in any way.  The code used by ZAP is the same optimized code that will be used in the final product.  All debug symbols are stored in a separate section on the host (e.g. PC).  Debug symbols are never stored on the target.
  • In addition to the graphical interface, ZAP offers a robust command and scripting language which can be used to create automated test scripts including: saving a debugging session and playing it back later as well as interactively opening, reading and writing to multiple input and output files on the host system.
  • On line Help Includes Using ZAP, C Language Syntax and C library Functions to provide a complete debugging environment on the host.
  • The ZAP XGATE debugger provides separate debugging windows for the HCS12x and the XGATE processors with the ability to run both in real time.
  • Most versions of ZAP include Flash programming support for on and off chip memories.
  • Some versions of ZAP are Kernel-aware via a plug-in provided by Cosmic (example: OSEK for the HC12)


The ZAP Simulator

Cosmic can provide a simulator for virtually all the architectures supported.

  • ZAP accurately counts CPU cycles to provide valuable timing information.
  • ZAP provides a configurable mechanism to simulate CPU interrupts.
  • It displays code coverage and timing information on a file by file or function by function basis.
  • It generate coverage reports for code executed or not executed.
  • Displays a time-line of function calls to track program execution.


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