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EBS High Level Protocols

It's easy enough to write device drivers at the character and line level for UARTs and parallel printers. However these days with the increasing need for embedded systems to exchange data with the rest of the world, the daunting task of providing complex standard protocol drivers is becoming more and more common.

EBS have been producing such embedded utilities, written in C since 1988. they have a full set of drivers that can be rapidly customised and of higher level utilities which are independent of both CPU and any OS.

All of their products are designed for use in embedded applications and share these common features:

  • 100% Portable C source code supplied

  • Royalty Free for a single product

  • IBM PC based example code supplied

  • Excellent printed documentation

  • Integration and training services available

  • Free technical support

  • Minimum Kernel support required

  • Sample applications programs supplied

  • Test programs supplied

  • Time proven in the field

For more Information:

RT-IP TCP/IP stack A full stack with device drivers and network applications such as FTP, Mail and embedded Web servers and browsers.
TCP mnemonics Confused? - Consult our list of TCP mnemonics
TCP/IP Paper Better still download a white paper designed to introduce Embedded 8 & 16 bit engineers to the possibilities and pitfalls of TCP/IP.
ERTFS  ERTFS DOS Compatible file system. Providing a FAT32, DOS and long name support for an embeddable disk file system. Drivers are available for IDE, Floppies, Flash, PCMCIA and CDs.

RT-PX- Portable Embedded Multi Tasking Executive

RT-PX is a simple portable non-pre-emptive multi tasking executive for use in embedded systems. It is written in C and provides a minimal API for managing tasks, resource semaphores and counting semaphores. RT-PX was designed to provide the system services required by our TCP-IP stack and MS-DOS file system software packages but the package may also be used to provide multitasking for applications code.

RT-PX is not available as a standalone product but is currently included FREE with RT-IP and ERTFS.

  • Round Robin Scheduling
  • Simple architecture
  • Minimal assembly language
  • Ports easily to any CPU
  • Dynamic Task creation
  • Multiple Priorities
  • Counting Semaphores
  • Interrupt Signalling
  • Mutex Semaphores

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