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ERTFS Pro  -  DOS and Windows
 Compatible File System

When the industry's leading operating system vendors need DOS compatible file I/O they come to EBS (NeXT computer licensed the software as early as 1988). You can license the same time proven technology for your next embedded product.  ERTFS is a comprehensive truly portable high performance file system for embedded systems.  It has been ported to many real time kernels and CPU's including AMD29k, Sparc, 68K, 80386, TMSCx0, ARM, PowerPC.

The latest release ERTFS Pro adds a number of important features

Real time extensions (Contiguous file I/O)

ERTFS Pro Additions

No Multitasking Kernel Required


Fail-safe Operation

Re-entrant when used with Multitasking  Kernel

VFAT - Long or 8.3 character file names

Truly OS and CPU portable

FAT32 - large disk partition support

ROM disk builder Included

Unicode  Character Sets

Check Disk Utility Included

Japanese Character Sets

Includes format and fdisk


Interactive command shell on Target

ERTFS Pro+64

Windows Prototyping environment

24 Terabyte file size

Ultra High Performance

IDE Hard Disk Driver included


Circular file support

RAM / ROM Disk drivers included

Smart Media Drivers

Floppy Driver included


Linear Flash Driver code included

 Optionally available

PCMCIA code included


Multi Media Drivers

200 Page Manual and Porting guide

Sony Memory Stick Driver

Familiar Comprehensive API


ERTFS Pro Enhancements  -  Fail Safe

The new ERTFS Pro Failsafe mode protects against file system corruption and automatically restores the volume structure in the event of unexpected power loss or media removal.  Failsafe operating mode also provides the user with precise control over table flushes, providing more time determinism for directory creation and file writes. 


Basic ERTFS Device Drivers

Both the Basic and Pro ERTFS packages include device drivers for IDE, Floppy disks and PCMCIA based memory. 

IDE provides an easy to implement low cost hard disk solution for embedded systems. EBS-IDE is a portable IDE hard disk device driver included in ERTFS. Compile time macros are used to make it very portable to different real time and microprocessor environments.

EBS-IDE has been ported to 68K, PowerPC, ARM, Transputer, TMSCx0, 80x8x, AMD296, Intel 960. A comprehensive document describes the steps required for porting to new systems.

  • Ported by changing a few macros
  • Each function is fully documented in the code
  • Portability issues are clearly delineated
  • Choose interrupt or polled mode
  • Time-out protection

Floppy Disk Device Driver

This  device driver supports the PC AT standard (NEC 765 class) floppy disk controller chips. If your applications requires a floppy disk, EBS-Floppy's portable design and clean documentation will help do the job while relieving you from having to understand the intricacies of writing drivers for the 765 controller.

EBS-Floppy provides hooks to your RTOS so other tasks may run while waiting for seeks and I/O to complete. We can provide customised versions of EBS-Floppy as well. For example EBS have provided support for implementing a reliable retry mechanism in an extremely shock intensive mobile military vehicle system.

  • Dual drive Support
  • 360K, 1.2M, 720K, and 1.44M disks supported
  • Minor changes to support 2.88M
  • Supports read, write, format, and media changes
  • Non-DMA version available
  • Choose interrupt or polled mode
  • Time-out protection

PCMCIA Device Support

One of the most popular standards to emerge in recent times, PCMCIA, is quickly becoming the peripheral access mechanism of choice for embedded applications. This complicated standard permits hot insertion of devices ranging from disk controllers to networking interfaces. The effort required to develop software access to these devices is considerable. It requires an understanding of not only the PCMCIA standard but bus access mechanisms as well. Mapping PCMCIA space to the processor's memory space in itself can be a difficult process.

EBS PCMCIA solves the problems for you. It provides a well thought out design for embedded applications which require PCMCIA file and memory device access. EBS PCMCIA currently supports the Intel 82365 and Cirrus 67xx family of chips.

Routines are provided to process CIS tuples, and to map memory and I/O space in order the manage device interrupts. EBS PCMCIA is optimised for use with EBS-IDE, but may be used with any embedded application requiring PCMCIA support.  However It is important to note that the software only provides sufficient code to implement a "point enabler" functionality for a PCMCIA ATA device so using it as a model you should be able to implement a point enabler for other cards. It does not provide full PCMCIA card and socket services.

  • Support for Cirrus Intel 82365SL
  • Consulting Available
  • Ports easily to gate array based Controllers
  • Provides memory mapping capabilities
  • Processes CIS tuples
ERTFS Basic £3125
ERTFS Pro with FAT32 £5575
ERTFS Pro+64  with FAT32 and 64 bit 9250

CDFS - High Sierra/ISO 9660 CDROM Software

Due to their large capacities, and consequently low cost per megabyte, CD-ROM's are popular in embedded applications which need access to large amounts of data. CDFS is a portable 'C' library for reading High-Sierra and ISO-9660 Level 1 CD-ROM disks from embedded system based applications. It provides a POSIX-like interface and a simple device driver interface.

  • High speed unbuffered file reads
  • Directory scanning services (e.g., get_first, get_next)
  • Advanced buffer management code for CD-ROM demands
  • Support for multiple users/tasks
  • Complete porting and user documentation
  • Reference port runs out of the box
  • MSCDEX direct disk access calls
  • Portable. Port specific code isolated to two modules
  • Compact. Only requires about 16K of ROM
  • Tuneable. Can run in as little as 16K RAM
  • ATAPI driver available
  • Familiar Comprehensive API
CDFS CDROM Drivers £1730

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