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Forth Programmer's Handbook

by Edward K. Conklin and Elizabeth D. Rather


Every serious
 Forth programmer
 -- and everyone who
 wants to be one --
 needs this book!

The book you've been waiting for -- a detailed, technical Forth manual for experienced programmers!

The Forth Programmer's Handbook is for programmers and engineers developing software using ANS Forth systems from FORTH, Inc. or other sources. Its emphasis is on using Forth to develop applications. The Handbook goes far beyond the popular tutorial Starting Forth, providing the level of detailed, technical information needed to truly master this powerful language.

Important topics included in the Forth Programmer's Handbook
(click on links to read excerpts; all material copyright 1997 by FORTH, Inc.):

Forth Language Features
Forth Operating System Features
The Forth Assembler
Documentation and Programmer Aids
Interactive Programming -- an Example
The Assembler
Code Definitions
Notational Conventions
Use of the Stack in Code
Program Structures
Forth Fundamentals
Stack Operations
Arithmetic and Logical Operations
Character and String Operations
Numeric Output Words
Program Structures
The Text Interpreter
Defining Words
Exception Handling
Compiling Words and Literals
Compiler Directives
Programming Style and
Editing Standards
Guidelines for BLOCK-based Source
Open Firmware Coding Style
Wong's Rules for Readable Forth
Naming Conventions
System Functions
Vectored Routines
System Environment
Block-Based Disk Access
File-Based Disk Access
Word Lists
Time and Timing Functions
The Terminal Driver
Text Interpreter Directives
Dynamic Memory Management
Floating Point
Glossary & Notation
Data Types in Stack Notation
Flags and IOR Codes
Forth Glossary Notation
Index to Forth Words
General Index


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