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winIDEA  -  ICE  User Interface

winIDEA is the ultimate Integrated Development Environment. It contains all the necessary tools in one shell.  You stay within winIDEA for the complete development cycle. You can write your code, run the compiler, assembler, linker then debug your software and hardware. winIDEA is universal. It works with all iSYSTEMS development systems and it supports all micro controllers. 

  • A project manager

  • A 3rd party tools integrator

  • A multi-file C source editor

  • A high-level source debugger

winIDEA is modelled on the Microsoft Visual Studio interface which is rapidly becoming the standard developers interface. Because of this training time for new users is greatly reduced.

The Project Manager

The project manager gives you complete control over your development project. You specify all the source files, libraries and include files that are part of the application. Text files can be added for documentation purposes. Also you define which emulator, POD, micro controller and compiler you are using. All this information is stored in the project file. If you want to switch from one project to another just load the right project file, connect the probe to the emulator and all setups are at the settings you left them when last that project was saved.

3rd Party Tools Integrator

In the 3rd party tools integrator you specify which compiler, assembler and linker you are using and where these tools are installed on your computer or network. This gives access to all options of these tools. You can do the configuration just by checking boxes. winIDEA can then run your compiler, assembler and linker in the background. When you change your source code, just use winIDEA's make and build function and all changed source files or the complete project can be compiled, assembled and linked. After the link process is finished, winIDEA will load the object files and the debug information automatically. We have implemented support for most compiler vendors.

winIDEA showing typical high level debug arrangement

Multi-File C Editor

Our integrated editor has multi-file support, to enable you to open as many source files as you want. C is supported with syntax colouring so that it is easy to identify the structure of the program. If a compiler reports errors the editor can track these errors, open the right source file and puts the cursor at the line where the error occurred. This error tracking function makes it easy for you to fix problems fast.

High-Level Source-Debugger

As soon as the link process is successful, the debug information and the object file are loaded and you can resume your debugging. All the necessary information about your target system and your application program are shown in one of the many possible windows. The screen layout is completely under user control and multiple different layouts can be created to help different debug situations.

Source Window

The code the ICE is tracking is displayed in the source window. This is the same window that you have used to write your code. In this window you can single step through your program, set breakpoints with a mouse click, view values of variables by putting the cursor on them or change the code. Source level debugging is supported for C, C++ and assembler level, so long as the tool chain supports the necessary line information.

Disassembler + Register

In the disassembler window the disassembled code is displayed with or without source code. It is also used for single stepping at assembler level. The register window shows the current status of the internal registers of the emulated chip. Its contents can be modified.

Dissasembly window (8051)


Any global variable can be put into the watch window. The current value will be displayed along with the format of the variable. The value can be edited on screen. Structures and all other types including C++ are supported. Watch history with graphic display and analog watches are also supported.

Watch window showing a structure expanded

Local Variables

In this window all local variables are automatically displayed as soon as the program enters a function.


The SFR window shows the current contents of the Special Function Registers (SFR). The SFRs displayed are specific to the CPU emulated and full mnemonics are given. Register contents can be edited.

Memory Dump

This window displays and allows changes to the contents of memory areas in many different formats. Multiple windows are possible.

Trace Window

Different display modes are possible - bus cycles, disassembled, source and combinations of these. In addition the frame numbers, status of the auxiliary signal and time information are shown.

trace window showing both high and low level

Additional Features

The Symbol Browser is a very powerful function which can be accessed at any time. The engineer may examine all symbols by name type and address.

winIDEA can be controlled completely by our powerful C like script language. It supports interaction, logical decisions and hardware features like the pattern generator. This is very useful for automated test software .

winIDEA offers complete network support. As soon as a development system is attached to a PC, the emulator can be shared on a network using the winIDEA server. This emulator can be used cross the network from every other workstation. This function is based on TCP/IP network protocol.

32K full screen image

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