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Portable Embedded GUI

The PEG library (Portable Embedded GUI) is a professional quality multi window graphical user interface created to meet the needs of embedded systems developers. PEG is small, fast and easily ported to virtually any hardware configuration capable of supporting graphical output. PEG also delivers exceptional visual appeal and an intuitive and powerful API for application-level user interface development.  Two variants are available PEG+ that operates under a C++ compiler and C/PEG which only requires a C compiler. 

A dynamic window created with PEGThe PEG library implements an event-driven programming paradigm at the application level. This programming model has the added benefit of being easily integrated into real-time multitasking environments.

PEG has a small footprint and achieves it's fast performance by minimizing the system overhead required to maintain a graphical presentation. In addition, PEG always interacts directly with video and input hardware to achieve the greatest possible throughput.

Most of the PEG library is completely hardware independent. Several working examples for common display and input types are provided with the library. The default appearance of PEG objects is almost identical to Windows. This appearance can, of course, be enhanced or simplified to fit the requirements of the application.

PEG provides a set of hardware and OS encapsulation classes which allow your application to run as a standard 32-bit Windows app. You can create, test and debug your entire user interface employing Microsoft or Borland compilers and debuggers. Once your target platform is available, you simply have to replace the PEG interface encapsulation classes with versions for your target.

PEG Windows BuilderBuilding a PEG window

PEG Windows Builder is an application that will help you build your user interface interactively. Select the windows, text, buttons and other controls you require and Windows Builder will create the PEG application code.

PEG Utilities that run on your PC will convert fonts and graphics into C code that can be compiled into your application. The image converter will even optimise colour palettes over a number of images.

PEG is designed to work with any CPU and C or C++ compiler/debugger combination. It's provided in source form and there are no internal restrictions on CPU type or hardware configuration. PEG runs best when using a 16-bit or better CPU running at 16 MHz or higher.

C/PEG £3,495
PEG+ £6,995


Webster - Embedded Web Browser


the Embedded Browser is a C++ coded web browser that can be ported to any CPU and hardware. It is very compact for a browser - total inc. PEG, GIF and JPG converters is ~ 200K, which makes it ideally suited to embedded systems.

Webster meets the HTML v4.0 specification, except for META, STYLE, SCRIPT, ISINDEX, ADDRESS and APPLET tags. Frames are supported and full HTML 4.0 will be available shortly.



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