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PEmicro Development Tools for  68HC908


All 68HC08 have on the chip a small monitor (MON08) which links to the outside world via two of the chips pins and which is used by developers to test programs and to program those chips containing Flash or EEPROM,  A circuit is available that converts these signals to RS232 (its a non-standard protocol) but its functions are limited.  PEmicro have developed a number of products around this interface that provide a significant improvement over the standard NXP/Freescale circuit.


Free Software

Enhanced Interface Cable

Interface and standalone programmers


Note that the 68HCS08 uses a different interface see HCS08 page

MON08 Multilink Interface Cables

The MON08 Multilink use the PC USB port to control a target 68HC908 processor via the MON08 port. The USB unit supplies its own power to the target system through the MON08 connector. By powering the board in  this way the MON08 Multilink USB can perform automatic power sequencing of the target MCU system. They also possess an auto-baud feature, which samples the target frequency and sets the proper communications rate. When using PEmicro software, such as our ICS packages, the MON08 Multilink USB  allows you to choose your specific target processor with different monitor mode options.

CPROG08 Flash Programmer

A command line application that Uses the MON08 Multilink USB or Cyclone to interface between a PC and a target processor this windows software package will program either on chip or external flash memory or on chip EEPROM.
To see which Flash devices are supported follow this link 


Cyclone Universal Interface

  • Connects to PC via Ethernet, USB and serial port

  • Interactive Windows driven Flash Programming or remote controlled programming

  • Or as a standalone programmer

  • 16 MBytes available for storing multiple downloads and algorithms

  • Will also operate as a BDM or MON08 debugger --- its Ethernet port makes it super fast

  • Automatic frequency detection of target

  • Automatic baud rate detection of target

  • Works with 1.6V-5V targets at 1-8MHz (08) or 0.1-35MHz (12)

  • MON08 configuration initialised on reset

  • Control of power sequencing of target to manage security access when programming flash

Cyclone Universal Flash programing tool



Works with Kinetis, ARM Cortex , ColdFireV1--4,
  MPC55xx/56xx/57xx Qorivva (AKA Nexus), MPC5xx/8xx,
Power Architecture S32, PX, DSC, MC56F8xx
STMicroelectronics SPC56,

 MAC7xxx (ARM)

68HC08  HCS08/RS08   68HC12/S12   S12X/12Z



† ARM Cortex M4 currently supports the following families:  ATMEL SAMxxx, STM32, NXP M0,M3,M4, NXP/Freescale Kinetis (all), S32, TI-Stellaris LM3S,LM4,TM4C12xx, Infineon XMC4xxx, Maxim 716xx, Silicon Labs EFM32,SiM3, Cypress PSoC®4, Toshiba TX00,TX03,TX04 as well as a wide range of on and off chip SPI and flash memories.


The Cyclones can be used in 4 different modes:

  • Interactive programming packages are provided for all CPU families. 
  • Or you can link it to a PC, download multiple target programs to it and then disconnect it from the PC.  It then becomes a manually controlled, standalone  flash programmer for on chip memory or in the case of the HC12/S12 for on or off chip memory
  • Or it can be driven by a PC via the Ethernet, USB or Serial port with automated commands either using command line instructions or from a C program using the dll included in the package.
  • A PC controlling multiple cyclonesWith the addition of PEmicro Windows based Debugger ( works with Assembler and C ) it can be used to debug code by providing downloading to memory, access to it and the registers, as well as having the ability to set breakpoints, run the CPU at full speed, slowly or in single step mode. Support for the Cyclone Universal is being provided by a number of leading C compiler manufacturers within their C Debugging environment.

A Software Development Kit is available that allows multiple Cyclones to be driven by a single CPU for economical operation in large production environments.



Cyclone Automated Control Package

These Windows packages include a command line driven application, Cyclone Launch a batch control system and a set of DLLs providing a range of features of value when using the Cyclone in production situations :-
Basic Edition -----  Free Download ----  Controls  a single Cyclone from a PC via USB or Ethernet allowing one Programming Image to be held on the Cyclone which does not have to be downloaded every time so increasing performance.
Professional Edition -----  Controls  up to 3 Cyclones from a PC via USB or Ethernet, allowing up to 8 Programming Images, which do not have to be downloaded every time, to be changed on the fly and dynamic data such as serial numbers to manipulated from the PC. Supported devices can be programmed in parallel, even if they are different devices with different data.
Enterprise Edition -----  As for the Pro version but unlimited numbers of Cyclones may be controlled from a single PC, More than 8 images can exist on the Cyclones and Licences for 5 end user PCs are included.  Also provided is a full description of the RS232 and Ethernet command Protocols so that non Windows users can implement similar functionality.


For prices of all these PEmicro products visit our Web Shop


Free software


Integrated Development Environment & Assembler

MON08 Flash/EEPROM Programmer 


In Circuit Debugger

The above Windows software products are included in a number of NXP/Freescale development kits and are available free of charge to any 68HC08 users.  You may download them but they remain PEmicro copyright and may not be sold or distributed.  They are supplied without any support included.

Free 4K C Compiler

email us for details of how to obtain any of the above software



For more Information:

An overview of PEmicro products Summary of PEmicro tools for programming most NXP/Freescale Families from HCS08 to PPC,  Arm Cortex, Renesas, Hitachi and STMicro devices

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