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Intel x86 Products


ICEs are available for the 80C86, 80C88, V20, V30, 80C186/88, EA, XL, EB, EC, EM(LV), ES(LV), ER(LV) email details of your requirement (CPU, speed, Chip pin count and format to and we will see what we can recommend.


Beacon Technology Tools

Beacon Technology tools were known under the Lineo and SSi names - their products provided development aids for programmers creating ROMable code for  32 bit members of the 80x86 family.

Unfortunately during the .com boom they were bought and sold so many times that their staff all left and there was no one to support their embedded products   so the following products are no longer available and we know of no substitutes.  So you might well ask why put up a web page ?

The answer is so that those poor souls searching for another licence or an answer to their problems have somewhere to go and achieve closure.

Products include


Link&Locate 386

Linker for the full range of 286 to Pentium modes and compilers giving OMF-386 output. It will operate with Microsoft, Metaware and Watcom compilers.

VisualProbe 386 Debugger

A target monitor for real and protected mode.

VisualProbe 386 Simulator

A full 386+ software simulator. Follow the link for a full description.

Beacon Technology 16 bit Link & Debug

Real mode tools to support development and debugging using the Microsoft Visual C/C++ 16-bit optimising compiler. Generates an absolute file.

Paradigm C++

Paradigm have integrated their linker and remote debugger products that have long been popular ways to support real mode operation of 16 bit processors.  To these they have added an IDE and a fully featured C++ compiler (based on the Borland C++) to provide a single package that can support the 8086, 186, 386EX, Am & V25-55. COMSOL no longer sell Paradigm see their web site  Paradigm C++

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