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After supplying all your  Embedded Development Tool needs for 42 years
 Computer Solutions Ltd and its web shop are now closed.



 Having reached the grand old age of 75 it is time to relax and fulfil other ambitions.

 Its been an exciting ride with you, our customers, often on the bleeding edge of technology
 and I thank you for your friendship, your trust, and your orders.

Stay well        I wish you all success in your future projects.

Chris Stephens.



     But what to do with the web site ?  It has taken >12 man years of work to create a repository of knowledge on many aspects of the art and science of embedded microprocessor development and even after closing the shop it still gets over 4,000 visitors per month.  So as a service to my customers I have decide to keep it live providing my technical insights on the products and then redirecting viewers to sites where they can purchase the items they used to buy from us. Follow the link   "Home"

       The  "Information zone"  consists of articles produced as background tutorials on subjects of interest to those designing new products.  As different CPUs have became available this has lead to new development techniques and in particular to new ways of communicating between nodes.


Home Information Zone

COMSOL's Newsletter Archive

In order to conserve internet bandwidth when a new edition is ready we send out a note of the contents and invite readers to pick up the latest copy. If you would like to know when we have added another of these irregular updates on what's new in the world of CAN and Embedded Development Tools then send a request to


Newsletter #17    ( 120K .pdf format )     To Download

Introduction to the Kinetis Family

Details of the Kinetis family of Cortex chips

Universal Multilink debug tools to load test and flash program code into the Kinetis range

These integrate into the most popular compilers - CodeWarrior, Keil, Atollic, Kinetis Design Studio and GDB/GCC

Once development is completed what tools can be used for production programming ?

The Cyclones that support programming these chips as well as other Cortex devices

Newsletter #18     ( 138K .pdf format )     To Download

New CAN FD standard

How does it work

Our update CAN tutorial includes fuller details of CAN FD

New CAN USB interfaces that support CAN FD

Intelligent CAN modules that include an ARM CPU and are user programmable

PCAN-RS-232  a simple way of interfacing legacy instrumentation to CAN

PCAN-GPS includes A GPS, compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope all readable via CAN

Newsletter #15     ( 293K .pdf format )     To Download

CAN Special 

Information on some of Peak's latest CAN interfaces
and software which include ......

PCAN-USB Pro a USB interface with Dual CAN and Dual LIN ports

PCAN-View free CAN software enhanced with a Trace display 

PCAN-Basic a new improved CAN API

PCAN Explorer v5 with an improved look and feel,
Project architecture simplifies use, display of multiple busses
 and full J1939 Support

Newsletter #16     ( 220K .pdf format )   Download 220 KB  

Universal FX on-chip debug interface

Details of the Universal FX on-chip development interface for Freescale and ARM chips

supporting ColdFire, Qorivva, Kinetis, HC12(S,X,Z), HCS08, RS08, DSC  MPC5xx/8xx and PX families of CPU

Supporting software includes PROGxx  and integration with C compilers

Also the Cyclones that support these chips and more


Newsletter  #13   ( 251K .pdf format )    To Download


Our ARM evaluation packages now covers the full range from single chip Evaluation boards to full Linux boards and includes both EVBs and Single Board Computers from Atmel, Luminary, NXP, OKI, Samsung, STMicro, TI and Xscale.


Abatron's high speed GCC/GDB package now supports MobileGT MPC51xx, Nexus MPC55xx and the latest dual core MPC8641D range of Power PC processors


A CAN based FMS (Fleet Management System)  Toolkit allows Logging, Playback, Simulation and Speedometer based displays all decoding the CAN messages to their high level FMS values.


Newsletter #14     ( 315K .pdf format )     To Download

Abatron's high speed GDB JTAG/SW-DP Interface supports the latest ARM CORTEX chips
such as the TI OMAP 34xx, the STM32, LPC1700 and Luminary Micros LM3S families.

 The Cyclone family of debuggers and programmers that operate with the
Freescale HC08/12/S12/ColdFire/PPC5xx-8xx/Nexus/MAC7xxx ARM
have now been enhanced with utilities that allow multiple Cyclones to be
driven from one PC - making them even more useful for production programming.
Also available is the ability to store and program images from a Compact Flash card.

 PROMJet is a new range of ROM Emulators with a fast USB interface and available with
memories up to 32Mbytes for use emulating EPROMS, EEPROMS, SPI and LPC memories
in all popular chip formats and for busses up to 128 bits wide.

 USB3 is on its way and to test its 5 Gb/sec Super Speed mode you will need the Ellisys 280 Analyser
Also available are a message generator and a USB Compliance Suite.

Newsletter #11   ( 330K .pdf format )     To Request

Embest new range of ARM Development tools
      JTAG interface GCC Compiler in pkg, Debugger
      Flash Programmer
      Evaluation boards for ARM CPUs from
            Philips, Samsung, Atmel, Cirrus Logic & XScale

Low cost ColdFire MCF5213 package including BDM,
       Compiler and Debugger

Over 1000 chips from 55 Manufacturers now covered by
       our 8051 Database and now with a fully user
       controlled search facility even more useful

Newsletter #12    ( 129K .pdf format )    To Download

Cyclone Pro and Max can be used for development, debugging and as a standalone or computer controlled production programmer.  68HC(S)08 - 68HC12(S)(X,Z)       PPC 5xx, 8xx, 55xx(Nexus) and MAC71xx,72xx (ARM)

Now available Freescale CodeWarrior compilers for HC08 ----> PPC and DSP chips

HI-TECHs new super optimising PIC 18 Pro compiler reduces code size by up to 50%

USB stacks from smx for embedded applications that need USB device, USB host and On-The-Go drivers


Spring 2005 Newsletter    ( 280K .pdf format )     To Request

Cyclone Pro - programmer and developer for PPC & Coldfire  with USB and Ethernet interfaces
Explorer USB2 Analyser and Class Protocol display
MicroNet - more CPUs supported + 802.11b + SNMP protocols
Logic Analysers with more fast channels and deeper buffers

Autumn 2005 Newsletter    ( 170K .pdf format )    To Request

GCC based packages for PPC and Coldfire
New USB 2 BDM interfaces from P&E
Wireless USB analyser
Over 970 chips now covered by our 8051 Database
CAN PCMCIA and LIN Interfaces + CAN Open support
New Universal programmer with 48 DIP socket & USB interface

Spring 2004 Newsletter    ( 320K .pdf format )     To Request

Affordable USB protocol analyser
CAN data logger with strip charts and Macro Language

With the opening of our new Embedded Tools Web Shop we included Information on the many product that can now be ordered from it for next day delivery

Birthday Newsletter  2004   ( 320K .pdf format )     To Request

COMSOL was 25 years old how did we celebrate ?
          10% price reduction on some products 
           We gave away 25 cases of wine 
New C compilers for ARM, msp430, dsPIC 
P&E BDM cables for PPC & Coldfire with USB interface and JTAG interface and development package for PPC55xx
COMSOL's web site has 500,000 th visitor

Spring 2003 Newsletter    ( 400K .pdf format )     To Request

Flash Programmers for BDM and JTAG
New GDB for XScale, ARM, Xilinx, MIPS, PPC
Free C compiler for PIC
68HC08 interface, flash programmer & Eval boards
Free development software including C for 68HC08 

Autumn 2003 Newsletter    ( 222K .pdf format )     To Request

Cyclone Pro - Debugger & programmer for 68HC08/S08/12/HS12
New Embedded TCP/IP Protocols  802.11, SMB, PPPoE
Configurable CAN I/O module
Pocket instruments - Logic Analyser, Digital Storage Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyser 
Comsol's web site has its 1/3 of a millionth viewer 

Autumn 2002 Newsletter    ( 260K .pdf format )     To Request

New Web features
now has 540  8051 chips
Major improvements in Micro-Search reports
New Menu system for improved usability of the site

RomEm - Low cost USB interfaced emulator
Logic Analyser and ICE now have fast USB interfaces
Programming a Windows PC to accept USB
Programming the Target Micro - USB stacks

Spring 2001 Newsletter    ( 200K .pdf format )     To Request

TCP/IP and Ethernet for 8051, AVR, PIC, M16C, H8
Production Flash programming for HC12 and other BDM / JTAG based CPUs.
GNU Debugger for PowerPC, ARM, 683xx
Secure Embedded TCP/IP with SSL and SNMPv3
Mon08 interface to program the 68HC908 on chip flash super fast
Debug TCP/IP serial and Ethernet dialogues displaying the packet level data
New fast EPROM/Flash/Micro/PAL programmer

Autumn 2001 Newsletter    ( 260K .pdf format )     To Request

Using CAN with microcontrollers  - New USB CAN interface
TCP/IP for 8 bit and 16 bit micros enhanced  - SMTP DHCP protocols added  PPP enhanced
RS232 diagnostics- windows debugger
Single Chip RTOS
Flash Programming - From HC08 to PPC we have the tools



Home Information Zone
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