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PCAN Developer Package

The Free PCAN Basic API satisfies many users requirements however where multi master CAN configurations are being developed using threaded Windows software the PCAN Developer software package provides an event driven API usable with real time CAN applications.  Please consult Peak's site for a full description    Peak PCAN Developer


For those using the Developers package the PCAN-RP1210 API is an implementation of RP1210 version A for PEAK interfaces with support for CAN and SAE J1939 networks.

RP1210 is a standardized API for communication between Windows applications, CAN interfaces and communication networks in vehicles.  Thus the API makes it possible to develop custom applications, and to use already existing ones that will communicate with both Peak and other manufacturers interfaces.



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For more Information on :-

CAN interfaces USB, PCI, PC104, PC, PCMCIA, Express, Parallel port, ISA, RS232, LIN
Free PEAK CAN Software The PCAN-Basic DLL, a range of OS drivers and PCAN-View bus diagnostic package are all supplied free with all Peak interfaces.
PCAN-Explorer A sophisticated CAN bus logging and diagnostic package for use with complex applications including GUI and J1939 support.
PEAK Data Acquisition Systems A range of CAN Data Acquisition and logging Systems from simple logging to advanced GPRS mobile applications.
PCAN I/O Modules CAN modules with configurable digital and analogue I/O.
Other PEAK Software Software is available to support FMS, CAN simulation, CANOpen and Linux
Cables Pre-built high performance CAN cables, converters, extenders and termination 
CAN Tutorial Our technical summary for those new to CAN 




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