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CANopen support

This page covers some of the software support available for driving CANopen These are developed by the Embedded Systems Academy and work using interfaces from PEAK and a number of other popular manufacturers.

CANopen firmware is available free of charge for all the PCAN Industrial I/O modules


CANopen Magic

This package provides simple control and monitoring of a CANopen network. 

  • Network Management CAN open Nework window of select nodes or all nodes. A single node or all nodes may be placed in Operational, Pre-Operational or Stopped states, Reset or Reset the Communications. 
  • Data Download to a selected node. Manually entered data or data stored in a file may be written to a specific node. Files up to 160kb in size are supported, allowing transfer of Intel Hex Files for reprogramming or calibration/configuration tables. 
  • Data Upload from a selected node. Data up to 160kb in size may be read from a specific node and either displayed in the PCANopen Magic window or stored in a file. 
  • Indication of the current state of a selected node. PCANopen Magic listens for Heartbeat and Node Guarding messages from a specific node and displays the reported state of the node. 
  • Indication of the last emergency transmitted by a selected node. PCANopen Magic listens for emergency messages being transmitted from a specific node and displays the last emergency detected. 
  • Indication of the bus load, errors and transmit and receive activity. LEDs in the PCANopen Magic window indicate when PCANopen Magic is transmitting and receiving. An LED also indicates the bus load of the CAN bus by lighting for each message detected. Another LED is provided to indicate major CAN bus errors, such as Bus Off. 
  • Configuration of transmit messages, which may be transmitted on a key press, manually or automatically in response to a specific message being received. Messages may be given descriptive names which are displayed in the trace window. An overview window of all configured transmit messages may be displayed. This feature allows the transmission of PDOs from a non-existent node to be generated, providing basic node simulation. 
  • Trace display showing current messages on the CAN bus along with corresponding CANopen interpretations of messages. The trace may be stopped, viewed and saved as a CSV file for export to other applications such as spreadsheets. This allows for easy analysis and functional confirmation of CANopen nodes.  
  • Automated Network Scan feature allowing all nodes on the Network to be identified using a single mouse click and displayed in a Network Overview window. 
  • DOS/Command Line executable included allowing PCANopen Magic to be called from DOS/Command Line, Batch Files or Custom Applications. The ERRORLEVEL is set in batch files when PCANopen Magic finishes allowing complex batch files to be constructed. 
  • Supports the Peak USB, parallel, PCI and ISA interfaces
  • Does not require Electronic Datasheet Files.

CANopen Magic  Pro

All the features shown above for control and monitoring of a CANopen network with major enhancements in the user interface.

  • Symbolic Support for all Object Dictionary accesses. Symbols are generated automatically (for 0x1XXXh area of Object Dictionary), can be entered manually or are loaded from EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files. CANopen PDO configuration
  • PDO Configuration Window allows simultaneous access to all PDO configuration parameters of a node. Communication and Mapping parameters can be changed by point-and-click. 
  • Network Management Message send to place nodes into Operational, Pre-Operational or Stopped states, Reset or Reset the Communications now available as tool button in every window. 
  • Enhanced Network Overview Window with faster scanning cycle and additional information, such as the last emergency. 
  • Enhanced configuration of transmit messages, which may be transmitted on a key pressed, manually, automatically in response to a specific message being received or on a periodic time basis. 
  • Advanced Trace display showing current messages on the CAN bus along with a high-resolution timestamp (up to one microsecond) and corresponding CANopen interpretations of messages.

CANopen Magic  Ultimate

As for CANopen Magic Pro but for developing large networks a Simulation feature allows the incremental inclusion of tested nodes while continuing to simulate parts of the system not yet operational

  • Python Script API, Editors and Interpreters.
  • Up to 127 Simulated nodes
  • Automatic generation of network diagrams

ALL the above are supported for Windows XP, 7 & 8 for 32 and 64 bit  modes



CANopen Magic Pro DLL  -  PC Developers Kit

The PCANopen Magic PC Developer's Kit allows PC based applications using CANopen to be quickly and easily developed without needing to know all the details of CANopen. The kit consists of a CANopen DLL and real time PEAK CAN drivers along with documentation, a C header file and library/import files for two popular PC development systems. The CANopen DLL implements the CANopen functionality and uses the PEAK CAN driver to communicate with the CAN interface. It can be used to develop CANopen masters as well as a wide range of CANopen applications.  No direct access to the CAN interface is provided it can only be operated via CANopen calls preventing any users conflicting with the CANopen protocol.  No licence fee is required for multiple end applications.


CANopen Embedded Stack

If you are developing an embedded application that needs to be CANopen compliant then contact us for details of a ready made CANopen Stack please specify the CPU.


For prices of these drivers visit our Web Shop




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