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MicroTAP  -  RS232 diagnostic software

RS232 signal being intercepted MicroTAP is a DOS based program that can get very accurate inter-character timing.  As such it excels  during the initial stages of getting a protocol going.  StreamTeam is our Windows based 232 diagnostic which you should consider if inter-character timing is not so important to you.

By linking its special connector to both of the PC's serial ports MicroTAP is able to listen in to both sides of a serial dialogue. What needs to be done then depends on the nature of the problem so here are some of the options.

Display Live Data

Much like a special purpose RS232 analyser it displays colour-coded characters in base 8, 10, 16, ASCII, EBCDIC or user defined control codes.

Data is either displayed with channels interleaved or on alternating lines for each source. Each character's arrival is time stamped to the microsecond. Once collected, data may be reviewed with two cursors being used to highlight messages and show the control line status's, time between events and even the average baud rate achieved.

If you are using hardware control lines then the six control lines (CTS etc) are sampled at each character and can be displayed graphically.


RS232 data can be read at any baud rate between 2 and 115,200 baud while searching for the ‘n'th' occurrence of either of two 24 ch trigger strings (which may include wild characters). Once detected data collection stops after a settable number of events. If the buffer is longer than the limit, this will show events that occurred prior to the trigger as well as after.


This data can be logged to disk and retrieved for later searching and analysis or the data can be exported as binary or printed using PostScript.

The data collection format is compatible with the StreamTeam Windows program which can be purchase to give an improved, Windows, environment for data display, search and analysis. 

Ease of Use

Microtap in use screen shotThe screen shot on the right shows the standard DOS based data collection and review facility with up to four windows which can be used to display different data. 

The screen shot shows MicroTAP in use on some test data. The lower right window shows data in real time with transmit and receive on alternate lines. The top window shows a snapshot of the data that the operator can scroll through ( the details of the character pointed to by the two cursors including their arrival times are shown top left). The triggering is very versatile, in this case when enabled it will start data collection when either of the phrases "MicroTAP Event Trigger A" or "MicroTAP Event Trigger B" occurs on COM1.

There is also a powerful macro facility to allow often used procedures to be automated. Hypertext help screens and a 100 page manual are included. MicroTAP is a DOS program that will also run under Win95/98 but not under 2K/NT/XP.


Also see StreamTeam our Windows based RS-232 character logging program

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