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Production Test Tools


Low cost BDM links can be used for production flash programming but also, using a library of functions, can be used to develop your own test routines.  Their Cyclone Universal  and Cyclone Max are particularly effective as they are capable of both PC based development and flash programming as well as automated standalone flash programming.  A single PC can control multiple Cyclones for economical large volume production applications

Available for: 68HC08, 68HCS08, 68HCR08, 68HC12, 68HCS12, 68HCS12X, 68HC16, CPU32, Coldfire, PPC and MAC71xx,72xx (ARM).


Use this faster BDM where large flash memories are to be loaded or where the extra speed or convenience of Ethernet (i.e. multiple stations) is of use. Production Flash programmers are available or for Flash programming in a more complex test environment ( serialisation or calibration ) Abatron provides a library of functions.

Available for:   68HC12, 68HC16, CPU32, Coldfire, M-CORE, PPC 4xx thru 85xx, ARM,  XScale  and MIPS32.

USB product testing

If you are developing and testing USB based products the first thing you will need is a USB protocol analyser.  The Ellisys units that we sell can also have a software development kit installed on their controlling PC which will allow the tester to carry out tests such as counting error rates, measurement of response times or decoding of proprietary protocols.

Paladin RS232 Logging

StreamTeam can selectively log and report activity on multiple serial lines.

Component Programming and Testing

All the device programmers we sell also provide component test facilities.

Programmable DSO's and LA's

Our USB based large fast Logic Analysers all and have software support libraries available that make them usable within an automated test suite.     ......    Digital Storage Oscilloscopes


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