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USB 3 Test Suite

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The Ellisys 280 range of USB Message Generator and Analyser provides the most powerful way to validate your USB application and is USB 3 Super-Speed capable.


The Ellisys USB Explorer 280 family is a sophisticated protocol test system for USB traffic monitoring, software stack and driver debugging, protocol compliance verification and performance analysis. The USB Explorer 280 Analyser will display the USB traffic on any USB 1.1, 2 and 3.0 links at any speed, including Super-Speed as well as supporting OTG and the InterChip-USB. The Explorer 280 Message Generator will emulate USB hosts and devices as well as injecting pre-defined error patterns for stress and error recovery testing.  They work together along with an Ellisys application package to automatically verify compliance to the USB and class specifications.

Designed to be "USB 3.0-ready", the 280 family is based on a new hardware platform with 1 GB of memory and a high-performance custom processor having the power required to test the USB 3.0's new 5 Gbps Super-Speed mode. Super-Speed support will be provided through an optional hardware upgrade. This will permit cost-effective re-use -- rather than replacement -- of the EX280 hardware as the specification evolves.


Also available

Explorer 200  -  Full USB 2 analysis at up to 480Mbits/sec  without breaking the bank

Explorer 260  -  Complete package for USB 2 Analysis and Signal Generation

Redirect to USB tutorial -  USB 2 compliance test suite

Tracker 110  - Low cost  USB analysis at up to 12Mbits/sec

Explorer 300  -  Analyses the latest Wireless USB and UWB standards over air   

Learn about USB - visit our USB Tutorial
                 or study the example messages as displayed by the Explorer.

CMX USB device and host stacks simplify development of your embedded application



Explorer 280 Analyzer


Able to monitor the fastest USB 3 signals at 5Gbps the Explorer 280 has the following features......

  • Low speed (1.5 Mbit/s), full speed (12 Mbit/s), High speed (480Mbits/sec), Super Speed (5Gbits/sec) and mixed capture
  • Automatic detection of the speed of the Link Under Test
  • A sophisticated USB message based and External trigger and data filtering capability is included
  • Support for On-The-Go Host and Session protocols ( On-The-Go is the standard that defines how USB devices may communicate in the absence of a controlling PC )
  • A large 4GByte memory and a fast clock support the USB 3 maximum data rate
  • Split transactions are supported
  • Real time statistical display during capture
  • Non-intrusive analysis of bus data and states
  • It is USB bus-powered
  • It has a small form factor  150 * 120 mm, weight 750 grams
  • The USB Data Visualiser is a common user interface for the Explorer and its cheaper brother the Tracker.  This user interface minimises clutter but allows detail down to the bit level to be displayed when required.
  • USB classes are fully decoded automatically



USB Data Visualiser

The following screenshot shows the Ellisys USB 3.0 analysis software. A Mass Storage trace is open and a SCSI Read transfer is open down to the packets.

Ellisys USB 3.0 Analysis Software
Click the image to expand it

This screenshot shows an full overview of the Mass Storage traffic in the Instant Timing view. The two lines represent the upstream (top) and downstream (bottom) links. Green represents IN transactions and blue OUT transactions. The first part of the traffic is bursted and achieves about 400 MB/s while the following traffic shows Not Ready mechanism and achieves about 100 MB/s.

Ellisys Instant Timing - Performance measurement
Click the image to expand it

The next screenshot is more zoomed-in and we can distinguish packets and ordered sets. The gray blocks are TSEQ ordered sets. Both brown and green packets are flagged because low-level errors have been detected.

Ellisys Instant Timing - Measurement
Click the image to expand it

This screenshot is even more zoomed-in and symbols can now be distinguished. We can clearly see which symbol is erroneous.

Ellisys Instant Timing - Unexpected Symbols
Click the image to expand it

Follow this link to get your copy including example transactions



USB Class Interpreter


Higher level protocols have been defined for a number of common classes of device and by conforming to these protocols a product can operate within Windows using standard drivers.

The USB Class Interpreter (included in the Explorer 200 Pro and the 280 Analyser) will recognise class based transactions and will decode and display all the standard fields within the messages associated with these standard Classes. This greatly simplifies the understanding of what is going on as, when required,  it hides the detail of the individual USB transactions (see individual classes for details and examples).






Mass Storage




Human Interface Device


Still Image




Bluetooth HCI


USB Wireless Adapter






Wireless Controller


Smart Card


Test & Measurement Supported

Media Transfer



Users can even create a DLL that will define their own custom protocols

Once data has been collected by an analyser with the Class Interpreter option enabled it may be displayed by any USB Data Visualiser so those just examining data do not need to purchase a separate license.

Real Time Trigger


Available as a firmware upgrade for the Explorer 200  (and included in the Explorer 200 Pro and 280) the hardware triggering can detect numerous conditions occurring on the USB bus, electrical conditions, errors conditions, different types of USB packets and their source/destination/data  as well as external triggering conditions. Powerful and flexible event counters are available. They can act on external or bus events as well as event sequences and the counters can be reset by an event occurrence.



Explorer 280 Transaction GeneratorUsing the 260 Analyser and Generator together

This device can be configured to create USB transaction streams so acting as a controlled data source for testing and emulating USB devices and hosts, and to test corner cases and recovery mechanisms. Reproducible traffic, timing and error scenarios can be created with a powerful scripting environment. Captured traffic can be replayed to test a particular situation. The Generator supports the industry's first In line Error Injection feature to insert programmed errors between a host and device to determine the impact of transmission errors under rare conditions.

The Generator also includes the Ellisys USB Pre-Compliance Automated Testing software. This software controls a generator and an optional analyzer to automatically verify the compliance of devices against the USB specification and classes specifications such as HID and Mass Storage.



Ellisys USB 3.0 generation software
The following screenshot shows the Ellisys USB 3.0 generator IDE. A script emulating Mass Storage traffic is open. This software can be used to edit, run and debug scripts all within the same environment.

Ellisys USB 3.0 Generation Software
Click the image to expand it

USB Explorer 280 Duo

Is a flexible bundle of two full-featured Explorer 280 units that can be used as one analyzer and one generator, two analyzers or two generators depending on your testing requirements. More convenient than having both functions on the same unit, this allows you to better share your test equipment among your R&D team.

For the prices of Explorer 280 family visit our Web Shop


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