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Wireless USB and UWB Protocol Analyser



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This analysers provides the most productive way to investigate what is happening on your Wireless USB system


The Wireless USB Explorer 300 is a protocol analyser capable of decoding both Certified Wireless and WiMedia’s Ultra wideband USB protocols. The analyser automatically deciphers encrypted data payloads as it records traffic exchanged over the air between devices. It recognises the protocol elements and displays the resulting decoded information in real time.  By so doing it greatly simplifies early prototypes development, wireless communication optimisation and other hardware and software development tasks.

Wireless USB
Wireless USB delivers speeds of 480 Mbps at 3 meters (10 feet), and 110 Mbps at 10 meters(33 feet). At close range, that's the same rate as Hi-Speed USB.

It is designed to conserve power so Sleep, Listen, Wake and Conserve modes enable users to use power only when the connection is needed. Wireless USB provides data security through built-in protocols and authentication procedures, as well an encryption process during transmission. It is simple to install and set up and backward compatible to wired USB devices.


The primary goals of the WiMedia Alliance are to enable coexistence of multi-protocol applications (UWB, USB and TCP/IP among others) and to enable true multi-vendor interoperability by establishing procedures for ensuring devices from different manufacturers coexist within the common UWB radio platform. The WiMedia brand indicates that the associated device has passed a series of tests that verify it is WiMedia-compliant and interoperable with other WiMedia-certified devices.


Here is a screen shot of Wireless USB in action


Over the Air Analysis
The figure shows a typical setup used to analyse the behaviour of a Wireless USB link. The Analyser is placed between wireless devices and records all traffic exchanged over the air. Analysed data is then transmitted in real time to be displayed on the Analysis Computer. This is the most straightforward way to assess true wireless device  behaviour. The same setup is also highly proficient in adjusting PHY operational mode sequencing.



MAC-PHY Interface Analysis
The figure shows a setup capable of analysing signals exchanged between a MAC and a PHY. The Analyser records all information sent over the MAC/PHY Interface (MPI). This setup gives access to low level information making it most helpful early in the development stage. It assists in optimising RF quality and preventing interoperability issues. At a later stage in the development, the “Over the Air” analysis setup is more useful.

Major features of the Explorer 300 are.....

Displays UWB and Wireless USB protocols in an easy to use hierarchical views

Non intrusively captures traffic from any MB-OFDM UWB link
Automatically determines the speed of each UWB frame and decodes it accordingly
Displays traffic in real time with no need to set up complex triggers
Records traffic to the hard disk for virtually unlimited recording time

Supports frequency band 3.1 - 4.8 GHz with speeds up to 480 Mbps

External omni directional antenna

MAC/PHY analysis based on WiMedia MAC/PHY Interface specification with IDE and optional Hirose connectors

  Software decodes all standard requests and data structures

Automatically deciphers encrypted data payload
Highlights protocol errors or misuse
Groups similar packets and hide redundant fields to reduce information burden

Free viewer software to exchange recorded traffic with others

Free software updates
Powered by USB, no need for a bulky external power supply
and allows notebook computers to be used

Scalable hardware design will facilitate adding new features as standards and interfaces are developed

Instantly operational on power up

Small and robust enclosure





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