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Micro-Search for the 8051

Starting a new project and looking for that Micro-controller  with just the right combination of performance, memory and I/O?  Well we have created a database of over   1,111    8051 chips whose features can be searched to identify the best possible candidates for your application.

The Embedded Web

Hundreds of web links all selected to be of particular use to Embedded Engineers.

Supported Chips Directory

For each Microprocessor chip family (over 100 are listed) our Supported Chips Directory shows all the software and hardware available for developing applications for that family.  For Simulators, ICE, and programmers it goes into detail showing which individual chips within the family are supported.

While you are here why not find out about our complete range of
  Embedded Development Tools


Chip specific products

Cross assemblers,  C and C++ compilers,  Simulators,  ICE,  BDM,  JTAG,  FORTH,
Real time operating systems or executives in C,  drivers for  GUIs,
 DOS compatible files  and  TCP/IP  networks.

General development products

CASE design tools,  ROM emulators,  PROM and PAL programmers,
 JTAG Flash Programmers,  USB protocol Analysers, 
CAN interfaces and products, RS232 debug  and  PC based instrumentation.


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