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8051 IP cores

A number of companies are now supplying details of how to implement an 8051 within FPGAs and ASICs.  These are known as Intellectual Property cores or IP cores.   We have summarised the offerings of a number of companies below.



Producers of various IP cores for the industrial and communications markets. Their products include human/bus interfaces, codecs and micro controllers. (Note: Requires registration to download datasheets)


Company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductors and complete system solutions. They also license several IP cores designs.


Offer services in various aspects of FPGA design, and producers of Programmable Logic Devices, Flash and Antifuse. They also design IP cores of ARM7 derivatives.  



Designers of various 8051 derivatives, including standard/fast cores, with optional extras including external SFRS and internal debugging.


Providers of FPGA and . They also design IP cores, including a few 8051 derivatives (with 2-4 clk architecture). 



An Austrian company providing a free 8051 IP core, with speed enhanced architecture.

Cast Inc.

Cast sells a range of 8051 cores which simulate various manufacturers real 8051s, e.g. Dallas' 2.5x speed processor.

Qualcore (formerly known as Virtual IP Group)

Company which offers services in various aspects of SoC, ASIC and FPGA design. They also produce IP designs which includes an 8051 core, data controllers and peripherals.

Digital Core Design (DCD)

A company which produces various IP designs of the most popular processors, e.g. PIC, 8051, 68HC11. They also have I2C bus controllers, DSP and other peripherals. 



Company supplying various SoC IP cores, including a fast 8051 core with added features.


Dolphin designs many IP products, including MEMS, analog virtual components, embedded memories and logic virtual components. Their 8051 cores come in varying speeds and with optional added features (e.g. DSP).



Designers of numerous IP cores for ASIC and SoC designs, including 8051 versions.


Producers of a standard 8051 IP core, which boasts a single clock architecture. Meaning the core will run approximately 12x faster than a normal 8051.


Writers of various IP cores including an 8051 core (up to 3x faster than a basic 80C51).


A German company supplying various IP cores including audio codecs, data bus/peripheral controllers and an 8051 core.



A Singapore SoC (systems on chip) design firm, with a main business focus in providing complete SoC solutions for both the signal processing baseband semiconductor solutions as well as RF portion.


An 8051 Core (52 promised soon) with standard peripheral units like timers and serial communication system it is 4.5 times faster than the original 8051and is .synthesizable in Xilinx FPGA devices.


Link to our web area for the 8051 architecture Including the 8051 FAQ


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