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Self Selection Micro-Search - 8051


Click to continue > Self Selection Micro-Search

This free service allows you to generate reports, which match your exact criteria. You can display only those features you would like to see.

On the following page you will be presented with a feature selection form, this allows you to select the parameters to be displayed in your report and the constraints you wish to impose on which micros are included.  You might for example only be interested in micros with 3 external interrupts,  >10 I/O bits and that are available with >8Mbytes of Flash program space.  However you would also like to know their idle power and what packages they were available in  -- EASY !

As well as displaying the result of the search on a web page we will also send you an email on completion of the form reminding you of the search title you gave and of your password.  The search criteria is held on our database so you may return and invoke the same search at a later date without having to fill in the form. This will allow you to see if new chips, that may have been added, have been included in the report.

Please note that when you choose not to show a parameter (i.e. the "Show" box is not ticked) this does not turn off the filter. You must make sure that any such parameters do not have a limiting value on the form unless you intend it to. If in doubt Show the parameter on the report to ensure that the search is the one you intend.

Remember once you have created your report you can sort it by selecting the title of any of the headings - first selection sorts it ascending subsequent selection sorts it descending.

If you are unsure how a selection will affect the search, please go back and have a look at one of our established searches, to see how the data is displayed/handled.


Example of feature selection form

Click to continue > Self Selection Micro-Search



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