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 Early in 2000 the dominant CPU family for embedded developments was the 8051  but its popularity meant that there were thousands of chips available each with a bewildering variety of I/O and other architectural features (only the memory layout, instruction set, basic interrupts clock and UART designs were common ..... for more details see our 8051 tutorial )

COMSOL decided to assist our customers in their choice  (after all we could not sell them any tools until they had chosen a CPU family) and did this by providing an on line searchable database of 1,700 chips, their parameters and links to spec sheets.


Recent changes in our web server (described by the supplier as improvements <sigh>) have meant that we would have needed to re-write the scripts to continue to provide this service and at the time - 2014 we were receiving very few searches for new 8051 designs. So reluctantly we have packed up our on line database and closed the service.  We still have the data so if anyone wants to find an 8051 with particular features please email your needs to and we will happily run you off a list of chips that satisfies them.

In 2015 we judge that the 8051s permanence has been eclipsed by that of the ARM for both microprocessors (ARM 7/8/9/11 ) and for microcontrollers ( Cortex such as the Kinetis, STM32 and similar)

However we continue to sell Compilers, Debuggers, Programmers and RTOS/Stacks for the Arm in all its many variants.


Keil (now owned by ARM)  have good feature comparison tables of their wide range of 8051 and ARM evaluation boards which can be used to see what chip has what   gives a good description of the inner differences between the ARM versions


But unfortunately as a small company we have been unable to dedicate the resources we would have liked to extending Micro-Search to the ARM families.


 --------------------------------       Intro to 8051 Micro-Search   ------------------------------------

Starting a new project and looking for that Microcontroller / Microprocessor / CPU with just the right combination of performance, memory and I/O? Well COMSOL is here to help. With details of 1,700 chips.. We have created a database of chip features that can be searched to identify the best possible candidates for your application.

Searching for the right micro
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