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Real-Time Executive Optimised to 166

CMX the embedded Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System, available in the UK from Computer Solutions, has been fully optimized to match the Siemens 80C16x architecture. Taking full advantage of the 80C16x architecture involves taking the register bank switching scheme, which is normally used by interrupts on the 186, and employing it to rapidly swap tasks. The 80C16x has many register banks, each containing 16, 16 bit wide registers. The number of banks available varies depending upon the specific 80C16x the user has selected. These banks are used by the CMX-RTXS RTOS to support a total of up to 48 tasks and interrupts (note that you may have 4 interrupts with the same interrupt level (ILVL) using the same register bank if so desired). 

The CMX-RTXS RTOS provides application developers with more than 65 kernel services within a single uniform API. It features the powerful CMX Function library, which gives users the ability to control tasks, events, messages, resources, cyclic timers, semaphores, queues, fixed memory blocks and UARTs. This RTOS is truly pre-emptive, allowing developers to schedule run-able higher-priority tasks to pre-empt lower-priority tasks and, if they desire, to still be able to use both cooperative and time-slice scheduling. The RTOS also lets interrupts call CMX functions, which can trigger an immediate task switch, a very powerful feature.

The scheduler and interrupt handler are written in assembly code for speed. With the 80C16x using a 40 MHz crystal, CMX-RTXS offers a minimum context switching time of 6.5 microseconds (i.e. a full context switch -- defined as the current running task being pre-empted, having it's context saved, and the highest priority user task starting it's code). A few of the CMX options disable interrupts in which case the maximum interrupt latency time (worst case time for which CMX-RTXS will disable interrupts) is 3.1 microseconds, otherwise it is zero. 

The CMX-RTXS RTOS requires only a minimal amount of ROM and RAM. Both the KEIL and Tasking C compilers are supported and CMXBug; a task activity debugger is included with the package. 

CMX-RTXS is available from Computer Solutions Ltd who have the widest range of microprocessor development tools available in the UK. These cover both software tools such as assemblers, compilers, operating systems and debuggers as well as hardware, ICE's and programmers. COMSOL has an active consultancy business, has been in existence for 37 years and is based at West Byfleet, Surrey. It runs a comprehensive web site with details of its extensive product range  which can be found at

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