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New Real-Time, PC Based, Analyser 
for Serial Communication Links

Computer Solutions Ltd announces StreamTeam™, a new suite of Windows based tools for debugging high-speed serial communications links.

The StreamTeam components, LogStream and SeeStream, enable users to simultaneously log and monitor complex data patterns, protocols and line conditions on four or more RS232 serial ports, in real-time.

LogStream and SeeStream provide users with powerful and cost-effective tools for quickly solving RS232 based communications problems that may occur during system development. The effect of faulty hardware or software can be quickly identified and corrected; even faults that only occur after many hours can be captured and diagnosed. After development, LogStream and SeeStream can also be used to provide a valuable communications 'audit trail' for system maintenance.

LogStream is able to start and stop data collection based upon user-defined character sequences or packets. Data can be 'cached' for real-time display, or logged to disk for off-line use. During data collection LogStream is able to identify and mark packet boundaries for use in later analysis. Characters can also be 'time stamped' to show their time of arrival. In addition to recording transmitted data, it can also capture transmission control signals such as, 'DTE', 'DCE', 'RTS', 'CTS', etc.

LogStream is able to monitor data at transmission speeds greater than the maximum COM port setting (typically 115,200 baud) on up to four serial ports simultaneously. Each channel can be independently configured and up to 2 Gb of data can be logged. For 'Power' users, multiple instances of LogStream can be used to capture data to separate log files.

SeeStream provides users with a powerful data search and formatted display tool. Data can be displayed in real time or from off-line data logs. To search data logs, users can specify a variety of selection criteria, for example,

  • Hardware control signals can be tested for particular combinations of conditions or transitions.
  • For binary data, up to 32 bits can be used in a search string and a mask can be applied for 'don't care' bits. A number of logical operations can then be performed on the result.
  • For character based data, up to 32 characters of printable ASCII text can be used in the search string. These can comprise, character matches (with wild cards), 'any of n' characters, any character within a range, or 'case' sensitive character strings.

In addition, users can select time stamp, packet ID value or marked packets. Data selection conditions can be created from complex combinations of character strings, packet markers and error conditions. This wide range of options enables users to easily debug problems ranging from a simple faulty hardware interface to complex software problems.

Users can then display selected data in a variety of formats and in different number bases. For example, in order to clarify 'query-response' type transactions, 'send' and 'receive' data can be displayed on different lines, RS232 data and control signals can be displayed in an 'oscilloscope' format. In addition, two cursors are available to mark events and measure the time between characters or packets.

Once defined, display set-up parameters can be saved in configuration files to simplify subsequent use and production test procedures.

Windows multitasking allows users to run LogStream and SeeStream on the same CPU as the application, offering real-time logging and debugging capability without needing to use a second logging computer.

StreamTeam from Paladin Software provides software developers and system builders with a powerful, cost-effective tool which almost makes debugging serial communications a pleasure.

LogStream and StreamTeam are Windows 95/98 or Windows NT based.

They are available from Computer Solutions Ltd, the UK and European distributor for Paladin Software. For further details call Computer Solutions Ltd. on 01932 355630 or see their web site at

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