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New range of low cost BDM development tools

Microprocessor Development tools specialist Computer Solutions Ltd (COMSOL) has been appointed European distributor of BDM (Background Debug™ Mode) tools for P&E Microcomputer Systems Inc.

To celebrate, visitors to COMSOL's website can win a complete development system for Freescale’s 68HC12, 68HC16, 68HC3xx or ColdFire processors.

P&E Microcomputer Systems is a leading supplier of BDM tools and DOS versions of its products are used as the development environment in many of Freescale’s Evaluation Board packages.  UK users can now purchase the advanced Windows versions including - In-Circuit Debugger, BDM Programmer, Register Editor and direct BDM control libraries, as well as BDM cables.

As processors become faster and more powerful, developing and debugging applications becomes more difficult.  In-Circuit Emulation is a powerful technique, but can become expensive or impractical as CPU complexity increases.  Background Debugging Mode incorporates debugging circuitry within every production CPU chip to provide the user with access and control via a small number of dedicated pins and an inexpensive connector.

BDM circuitry is currently included in Freescale’s 68HC12, 68HC16, 68HC3xx and ‘ColdFire’ CPU’s.  Background Debug Mode offers developers direct access to processor registers and peripherals as well as program and data memory.

The technique provides users with low-cost development tools. No expensive CPU emulators are required and because the CPU does not need to be removed, high cost CPU sockets and adaptors are eliminated.  Debugging can take place on production systems, as no additional RAM/ROM nor unnecessary serial I/O ports are required.  In applications where the program is held in Flash memory, the BDM interface can be used to load the latest version of the application during manufacture

P&E’s BDM development tools include the following components:

Interface Cable.  The BDM interface cable is the link between the target system and the user’s PC-based development system via a parallel port.  It enables direct access to all CPU resources and provides the user with control of the target application.  The interface cable provides support for both 5v and 3.3v CPUs.

In-Circuit Debugger (ICD).  P&E’s Windows-based In-Circuit Debugger software offers users a powerful, real-time tool for debugging application software.  The high speed BDM cable enables fast downloading of application programs.  Users have a range of debugging techniques available that can deal with the most intractable problems.  Full speed execution of the code can be followed by single stepping, multi-step execution with break-on-event and break-on-count both with trace.  ICD for Windows provides assembly, or high-level language source-level debug and users can display CPU registers and memory showing, words, bytes, strings and long words. To speed the debugging process, ‘hot keys’ are available to set breakpoints, counters, etc.  Startup and Macro files are available to automate the debug process and simplify production environments.

BDM Programmer.  When used with the BDM interface cable, this provides an EEPROM and FLASH memory programming capability.  It supports CPU’s with either internal or external memory, which can be programmed and reprogrammed in situ.  In addition, the programmer can operate in interactive or batch modes, making it ideal for production programming or upgrading field systems.  It comes with a library of algorithms that support a wide variety of ‘Flash’ devices from manufacturers such as, Intel, AMD, Freescale and Atmel.  

Register File.  REGxx is used in conjunction with P&E's In Circuit Debugger. It allows users to view and modify the processor’s register fields in both numeric and symbolic formats.  This eliminates the tedious process of looking in device manuals for register descriptions.  When a user selects a register, the actual processor’s values are read and displayed.

Integrated Development Environment.  Windows IDE allows users to run external programs – including assemblers, C compilers, debuggers and programmers, within a single windows environment and with a ‘hotkey’ selection for each.  Windows IDE comes optionally installed with a configurable editor and the P&E assembler.  It provides macro support; S19, hexadecimal and IEEE695 output formats, conditional assembly, include files and full listing control including a cycle counter to indicate program execution speed.

 P&E's BDM development tools offer users a low-cost solution to debugging development and production systems.  It is a powerful, high-speed system that will reduce the debugging cycle without great cost.

 P&E BDM products are available for Win 3.1, W95/98 and Windows NT based systems.

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Computer Solutions Ltd is the UK's premier supplier of microprocessor development tools. It supplies a wide range of software and hardware tools that support over 100 different microprocessor families. Hardware products include; In Circuit Emulators, EPROM Emulators and Device Programmers. Software tools include; Assemblers, Debuggers, Compilers, Real time executives, TCP/IP stacks and other high level protocol libraries. 

With 20 years' experience, Computer Solutions Ltd has unrivalled expertise in embedded tools, consultancy and support.

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