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Low-cost PC-based logic analysers

Logic Analyser

Now available in the UK from Computer Solutions is a range of low-cost PC-based logic analysers, the LA-4000 Series, that combine very high clock speeds, exceptionally deep data buffers and sophisticated triggering.
The provision of standard interfaces such as LPT and USB means that the analysers can be used with stand-alone PCs, workstations or portable computers.

The high clock speed - up to 500 MHz - offers the capability for accurate and detailed data capture through oversampling, while the deep data buffers allow up to 512k events to be collected and recorded on up to 160 input channels.
The use of a continuously variable pre/post trigger position, combined with the deep data buffer, allows up to 512k events surrounding the trigger point to be stored. This facility allows the user to view the detailed sequence of events leading up to and following a problem, while defining how much of the buffer is used to store events before and after the trigger.

Triggering on sequences of as many as 16 levels allows the user to 'fine tune' the exact point at which capture starts. Twelve different logic thresholds between -6.52 and +6.12 V are available to cater for standard logic families including TTL, ECL, 3 V logic, CMOS or RS-232. Multiple logic levels can be used for sets of channels. An external trigger output is available for triggering other instruments.

The logic analyser front-panel software, available in DOS and all Windows versions, works in real-time like stand-alone instruments. Operating parameters can be changed 'on the fly' and data is continuously updated in real time on the screen in timing, state-list or mixed display modes. Once collected, data may be saved in CSV format and then reloaded with the logic analyser for detailed analysis using search patterns.

All instruments in the family offer a data bandwidth of up to 200 MHz and eight external high-speed clock inputs with user-definable combinations for flexible clock qualifying. State and timing information is captured simultaneously via a single probe.

A pattern-generation option offers rates of up to 100 Mbit/s from 16 to 160 channels. The user can vary the number of channels dedicated to pattern generation, leaving the remaining channels available for simultaneous use as a logic analyser. Data to drive the pattern generator may be collected by the logic analyser and edited, or it can be manually generated.

All instruments in the LA-4000 Series are supplied with a full set of colour-coded clips and wires including a double-gripper probe for accessing high-density IC package and surface-mount components. All logic inputs can tolerate ±120 V, so are highly resistant to accidental damage.

The LA4240-32, which has a sample rate of 200 mega samples per second and 40 channels.

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