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Flash programmer uses JTAG or BDM interface


The new BDIpro flash programmer from Computer Solutions is a stand-alone device for high-speed memory programming via the JTAG/BDM interface.

It combines the hardware from Abatron's BDI1000/2000 family of high-speed development tools with dedicated software, resulting in a device that can be used to program flash memory at up to 170 kbyte/s.

The new programmer can be used to program most types of external flash memory or internal flash and EEPROM, on CPUs that include the latest ARM, XScale, MIPS 32/64 and Power PC devices as well as HC 12/16, 68K, M-CORE and ColdFire.

Host access is via Ethernet (10 Mbit/s) or RS232 (up to 115 kbaud) interfaces, and configurable program sequences for target system initialisation can be set.

Programming can be via 8-, 16- and 32-bit programming modes, and it is possible to load and edit the memory image and calculate the check sum as well as carrying out memory dump and verify functions. User-defined program sets can be stored and recalled.

For the HC12 CPU, independent batch programming of internal flash memory for automatic production programming applications is supported. The HC12 version has a stand-alone mode in which the programmer, on sensing power at the target, programs the on-chip flash and EEPROM, verifies it and gives a 'go/no-go' signal after which it is ready for the next unit without requiring operator intervention.

The BDIpro unit includes a Windows-based user interface for easy operation. A 3-year hardware warranty and 6-month software support are included.

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