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Super-fast debugging for all PowerPC processors


Now available in the UK from Computer Solutions, the Abatron bdiGDB is a high-speed embedded debugging tool which supports all currently available PowerPC processors including Freescale MPC5200, 744x/5x, 8270/75/80 and PowerQUICC III (MPC85xx) as well as IBM 440GX, 6xx and 7xx.

Because the new unit uses a powerful Ethernet connected BDM/JTAG interface to communicate with the target and run the GNU debugger (GDB), it does not take up the serial interface frequently used by GDB monitors - nor does it require the expensive chip connectors used for in-circuit emulation.

The Ethernet interface provides a very fast download speed (up to 320kbyte/s depending on the PPC), without the need for the target system to have a debugged board with Ethernet port and supporting software.

The bdiGDB allows the user to set breakpoints, undertake single-step execution, and examine and set memory locations and registers. Via GDB it can disassemble machine code or be used to debug C, C++, JAVA, Pascal and Fortran.

The Abatron provides support for the CPU's internal break registers for debugging code running in ROM or flash memory, while for users developing Linux kernels it will work with memory management units.

GDB normally assumes that all memory is in RAM, but the Abatron has the ability to debug and program on-chip flash areas and most popular off-chip flash devices as part of the GDB's operation. Concurrent debugging of multiple CPUs on the same JTAG chain can take place for the Xscale, Xilinx and PPC4xx.

Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, NT and XP, as well as Unix and Linux hosts, are all supported.

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Computer Solutions Ltd is the UK's premier supplier of microprocessor development tools. It supplies a wide range of software and hardware tools that support over 100 different microprocessor families. Hardware products include; In Circuit Emulators, EPROM Emulators and Device Programmers. Software tools include; Assemblers, Debuggers, Compilers, Real time executives, TCP/IP stacks and other high level protocol libraries. 

With 24 years' experience, Computer Solutions Ltd has unrivalled expertise in embedded tools, consultancy and support.

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For more information on the BDI2000:

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