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Pocket-sized PC-based test instruments

Logic Analyser LA2124

Now available from Computer Solutions are a range of low-cost pocket-sized PC-based test instruments which combine high-speed sampling with deep data buffers.

The range includes the DSO-2102 digital oscilloscope, the DSO-2102M which also includes a spectrum analyser, and the LA-2124 logic analyser. The instruments connect to a desktop or laptop PC via the parallel port (with an additional USB option for the DSO-2102) and are supplied with software compatible with most versions of Windows including NT and XP.

The DSO-2102 features a maximum sampling rate of 100 MS/s, and includes 32k of memory on each of its two channels. The wide range of triggering options includes level, pulse count, pulse width less than, TV horizontal and TV vertical triggering as well as an automatic set-up feature which provides the optimum settings based on an analysis of incoming data.

Zoom and scroll capabilities simplify troubleshooting and analysis, while built-in waveform mathematics and automated measurements speed the process of extracting meaningful results from the acquired data. Other facilities include X/Y display, software libraries providing DLL and LabVIEW interfaces, and the ability to export data to other programs. 

The DSO-2120M includes a high-accuracy 50 MHz spectrum analyser incorporating a binary FFT algorithm that allows transient event spectra to be analysed. Both FFT frequency-domain and oscilloscope time-domain windows can be displayed simultaneously. Forty additional waveform measurements can be made by the 2120M and a 'test pass/fail' feature is also included.

The LA-2124 logic analyser offers a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and has 24 channels with deep data buffers of 128k samples per channel. A continuously variable pre/post-trigger position combines with the deep data buffer to allow up to 128k events surrounding the trigger point to be stored.

High-impedance (100 kilohm) probes minimise interference with the circuit under test, and both state and timing data can be captured simultaneously via a single probe. Easy-to-use Windows-based software allows data to be displayed as timing waveforms or in the form of state-list displays. A search function is included as standard, and I2C monitor software is available as an option.

Both instruments can be operated from an optional battery pack.

These handy devices are low cost and are available for next day delivery from the Computer Solutions Embedded Development Tools Web Shop at


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