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Universal programmer combines ease of operation with high-speed USB interface


The new All-100 universal and gang programmer, available from Computer Solutions, is a versatile, high-speed unit for programming virtually every type of device with a programmable memory or configuration including EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, PLD/CPLD/FPGA, microcontrollers, BPROM and Serial PROM.

Featuring a high-speed 16-bit CPU and a 480 Mbit/s USB2 interface for maximum programming and download speeds, the new programmer is fitted with a 48-pin DIP socket which will support most devices either directly or with a simple adaptor. A Windows 98/XT/2K user interface makes programming quick and easy, and for higher throughput up to eight units may be controlled by one PC.

The All-100 supports over 9000 ICs from all the major device manufacturers, with algorithms and hardware tested and certified by leading IC manufacturers including AMD, Atmel, ICT, Macronix, NXP/Freescale, National Semiconductor, TI, Winbond, WSI, Xilinx and others. Nearly all devices with 8-48 pins in DIP format can be programmed directly by the standard 48-pin DIP pack, but adaptors and convertors are available to support devices with up to 300 pins and nearly every type of IC package including PLCC, SOP, TSOP, QFP, TQFP, PGA, SOJ and BGA.

The programmer consists of a universal base and exchangeable adaptor options, and incorporates SIMM module pin-driver circuits which provide extremely accurate programming waveforms, operate at high speed with high reliability and have a compact form factor. Some gang adaptor options are also available.

Programming is very simple. The user chooses a device manufacturer and device type from a menu, and reads in a file from a master device or loads a file from the PC. An automatic programming function is provided which allows the user to indicate all functions to be performed on the device (blank check, program, verify, program security, protect sectors etc.) prior to programming being initiated by a single external button.

The All-100 can process all popular file formats including Intel HEX, Motorola S-records, binary, JEDEC fuse map, Altera POF and others. A full screen editor is provided to view or edit any address of the programming buffer in binary, ASCII, or Logic Fuse Map formats.

Over current protection circuits and reverse-insertion detection protect both the ICs and the programmer. A self-diagnostic test is included to verify correct operation of the hardware and to meet calibration requirements. Every All-100 is backed by a one-year hardware warranty.


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Computer Solutions Ltd. is the UK's premier supplier of microprocessor development tools. It supplies a wide range of software and hardware tools that support over 100 different microprocessor families. Hardware products include: BDM and JTAG interfaced debuggers, In-circuit emulators , EPROM emulators USB, Ethernet, RS232 & CAN analysers and device programmers. Software tools include: assemblers, debuggers, compilers, real-time executives, TCP/IP stacks and other high-level protocol libraries.

With 25 years' experience, Computer Solutions Ltd. has unrivalled expertise in embedded tools, consultancy and support.

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