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Celebrating 38 years
supplying all your CAN and Embedded Development Tool needs


COMSOL distributes products from these excellent companies...



Abatron's high performance tools interface the PC via Ethernet to the BDM/JTAG port of the micro under development. They provide drivers that operate under popular compilers and debuggers such as GCC/GDB, ARM, IAR, Metrowerks, Tasking, MetaWare, Accelerated Technology, Microtec, WindRiver and Jbed. In addition they have Windows Flash programmers and C++ drivers for linking to production ATE systems.

COSMIC Software Ltd

Specialise in compilers for NXP/Freescale/Motorola 8 and 32 bit CPUs and the ST10/166 range. Their debugger ZAP can either work with a simulator or for those CPUs which have background Debug Modes (08, 12,16, CPU32) they will link to a target board via one of our BDM cables.

CMX Systems Inc

CMX produce small and fast real-time middleware for embedded systems. These include real-time operating systems (RTOS), TCP/IP stacks suitable for 8, 16 and 32 bit CPUs, USB stacks, Flash File Systems and CANopen drivers.

EBSnet, Inc.

EBSnet products provide cost-effective solutions by offering RTOS and CPU independent software protocols that enhance the capabilities of cutting edge embedded devices. These include high performance IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/IP stacks and embedded file systems that will control Terabyte disk systems.


Ellisys is a leading supplier of cutting edge USB Analysers from low cost USB 1 through to USB 2 High Speed and Microsoft Class protocols to Wireless USB and Ultra wide band Protocol Analysers. Their products help hardware, firmware, software and test engineers to debug and test their USB interfaces, drivers and applications.


Running under the CodeWarrior IDE, the NXP/Freescale CodeWarrior integrated compilers and Simulators/Run-time environments are a major step forward in the production of code for 68HC(S)08(R), 68HC(S)12(X), 68K (incl DragonBall), ColdFire, PowerPC (all variants), DSP56800, StarCore and 711x DSP.

Hi-Lo System Research Co Ltd

A range of universal programmers capable of programming PAL/GAL/EPROM/EEPROM/Flash memory/FPGA's etc with anything up to 300 pins from over 135 manufacturers. Portable, with fast USB downloading and reasonably priced. They have gang adapters for the most common FLASH memories, Micros and FPGA.


Now owned by ARM its no surprise that they excel at compilers and debuggers for the ARM as well as being well known for their 8051 Compiler and their Windows debugging environment.

Lawicel AB

The Lawicel interfaces provide a simple and lowest cost RS232 and USB connections to a CAN-network.

PEmicro Systems Inc

Low cost interfaces for BDM and JTAG enabled microprocessors are complimented by Windows software for high level debugging, flash programming, GCC compilers and development boards. PC based or standalone production testing and programming tools to interface to ATE are also available.

Peak-Systems Technik GmbH

Their range of CAN and LIN Interfaces with their supporting software can be used to connect a PC to a CAN or LIN network either to allow the PC to control the network or to act as a test and diagnostic station logging CAN messages. Interfaces are available for USB, PC (PCMCIA), Parallel Ports, ISA, PCI or PC/104 boards. Modules are also available that act as interfaces between analog and digital signals and the CAN bus. CANopen, Lab View and Linux drivers are also supported.

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