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Celebrating 40 years
supplying all your CAN and Embedded Development Tool needs


What's New the first 10 years 1997-2006

2007 onwards see what's new
06 New Features We have added a Tutorials section to the Information zone to highlight that aspect of our web site
             Here we have provided tutorials on embedding CAN, TCP/IP
             and the first of a range of Embedded CPU tutorials with the 8051 tutorial


A new Colour Brochure is available outlining the products we supply.

We have provided a new tool for our Micro-Search 8051 database to allow you to select which criteria to search on and then which chip parameters you want displayed.  see  Self Selection Micro-Search

The Newsletter is out again

New Products   More new ARM and XScale boards from Embest and the new Cortex development package from IAR
New Peak CAN converters and Industrial CAN I/O modules along with more on CANopen software

A new ColdFire development package for the MCF5213 including debug board and GCC compiler.
Some new evaluation boards for HC908 from P&E

New are the Embest range of ARM development tools include JTAG interface, Debugger with IDE that comes with an operational GCC compiler along with a flash programmer and a wide range of ARM Evaluation boards.  All you need to be creating ARM applications "out of the box"

05 New Features We update Micro-Search  our database giving details of all available 8051 chips and it now holds over  1000  different chips from 55 Manufacturers.

We added a section on tools based on GCC and GDB for embedded development 
     including GCC development packages for Coldfire, PPC Nexus and ARM

Two " quarterly " Newsletters  a year seems to be our limit !

New Products   P&E introduce USB2 interfaces for the 68332 familyHC16 and PPC5xx and the Cyclone Max  a Batch, Standalone and Interactive programmer for ColdFire,  PPC and ARM

Abatron release versions of their BDM/JTAG interface that will operate with the Accelerated Technology Nucleus debugger and now supports PPC 83xx,  MPC7400/7410/744x/745x, MGT5100, MPC5200

CMX release RTOS and stack products for ColdFire, 9S12X and MAXQ their MicroNnet package now supports new CPUs and new Protocols,  

The Ellisys USB analyser family supports full USB2 480Mbits/sec rate, the Microsoft Class Protocols and a sophisticated Trigger option. And then Ellisys release a Wireless USB analyser  which supports both Certified Wireless and WiMedia’s Ultra wideband USB protocols

New are CAN PCMCIA and LIN interfaces as well as  Labview and CANopen Software, CANDIP and CANDIP/M162 boards allow applications using the CAN bus to be developed on a very small 28 pin DIP format.

The HI-TECH Enterprise edition includes PIC, PIC 18 and dsPIC Compilers

The All-100 is our fastest yet device Programmer with USB2 interface and a range of adapter modules

Our Logic Analysers now have more fast channels and longer buffers

04 New Features We launch our Web Shop
We celebrate our 25th birthday by giving 10% discount on many products and by giving away 1,000 pounds worth of wine between November and January

We tell the world all about it with two Newsletters

New Products   Details of Hi-Tech's support for a whole range of new CPUs

P&E USB interfaces for PPC and CF as well as a new package for the Nexus PPC 55xx
Abatron now supports PPC 85xx, ARM 11

A new range of USB bus analysers that are highly affordable
CAN232 a serial CAN interface and a more detailed description of PCAN Explorer.

03 New Feature

This year we produced two editions of our "Quarterly" Newsletter

New Products

We are giving away C compilers for 68HC08 and PIC
Abatron BDM pages have been extended to add support for the XScale and MIPS32/64.
P&E pages have been extended to add new 68HC12, HCS12 HC08 and HCS08 products as well as Cyclone Pro and  Multilink USB,
The All-11P3 which has a USB interface is released
Pocket Digital Storage Oscilloscope  and  Logic Analysers  are now available.
The EBS TCP/IP stack product ranges have been extended with the addition of the following protocols :-  SNTP, SMB, PPPoE, NAT, 802.11
Our PEAK CAN pages have been extended to include a full description of all their products

Enhanced The embedded web our database of useful links has had new categories added and now contains over 300 links

Complete update for our Tools DirectoryAll-11 devicesGang-08 devices.

The Jokes page runs from a database so there are new jokes on demand rather than when Chris gets around to doing an update.

02 New Web Feature

Just managed one issue of the "Quarterly" Newsletter
Micro-Search  now contains >650 chips from >30 manufacturers
Also some new reports showing all 8051 chips with either I2C or CAN or SPI interfaces.

Away go the Frames - in come the drop down menus, Our web site is moved to a new service provider
The front page is made much prettier
Micro-Search is now implemented using a server side database with many significant improvements

New Products

RomEm low cost USB based ROM emulator

Enhanced Our White Paper on TCP/IP for embedded engineers now available on the web
Paradigm C++ Professional now available for Protected Mode 386 development
Logic Analyser now with parallel port and USB interfaces
01 Enhanced

New Peak USB-CAN interface,  New MicroNet options SMTP, DHCP and BOOT
MicroNet now supports Ethernet, the PIC18 and FTP
Complete update for our Tools DirectoryAll-11 devicesGang-08 devices

New Products

Our Newsletter goes web and we manage two issues 
New products from Abatron include support for ARM, Tricore,  more PPC models and the GNU debugger as well as including more details of their standalone Flash programmer.
P&E's MON08 Interface board controls the 68HC08 both for development and programming purposes.
The EBS TCP/IP stack is now available with Secure Socket Layer and SNMTP-V3
New section on Debugging Communications Links added
Peak-System's CAN interfaces, Diagnostics and Modules

New Product

CMX-MicroNet the only true TCP/IP stack that will fit onto an 8 bit micro

New Web Feature

We created the Micro-Search database of over  300   8051s for you to consult when choosing the processor for that next project.  And added new reports listing all chips by Name and by Manufacturer

99 New Products

Embedded Windows GUI,   Update ALL-11 device list
Update Products by chip Directory now more than 100 families included.

New Web Features We added a  Press Releases Area,  Jokes Page,  a  Search Engine

An important new feature  -  The Information Zone    which centralises all the many diverse information resources we provide now includes  The Embedded Web  - over 250 links of special interest to Embedded Engineers
Production Test Products indexEmbedded Program Libraries index

98 New Products P&E BDM emulators and evaluation boards for Freescale micros,  Emulation Technology connectors and adapters
Abatron High Speed BDM
More details of 2500AD  
New Web Features Currency converter link for our international friends
Detailed Tools Directory organised by chip family showing which products support which chips.
Updated support lists for  ALL-11ROM Monitor debugger details centralised.
97 New products StreamTeam RS-232 Windows DebugAll-11 Universal Programmer, Gang-08 Gang Programmer,
List of Devices programmed by ALL-11,   Forth Programmers HandbookchipFORTH application notes
Oct 97   The whole Web site!

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